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Formwork & Falsework International Vol 2 No 1

Turkey - Skyland Office Tower, Istanbul - continued

With its newly developed lifting unit, the Platform SCP now adapts even more flexibly to complex layouts.

As well as anchoring the lifting units to the structure on both sides, there is also an extended solution which makes it possible to transfer the forces on one side only. This makes it easy to use the system where there would not otherwise be enough walls, or where there are openings in the opposite walls.

In order to optimize and accelerate the construction progress, Doka experts pulled out all the stops during planning and divided the forming jobs between two platforms. They can, therefore, be climbed independent of each other to the next casting section and add more flexibility to the processes. Thus, the planned weekly cycle is within close reach.

The Doka  self-climbing Platform SCP offers a high level of safety.Safety is the deciding factor.

The self-climbing Platform SCP offers a high level of safety.

The all-round enclosure of working surfaces allows work to take place safely and unaffected by weather conditions. Very large platform surfaces make it easy to access for reinforcement and site equipment.

The building contractors put their trust in the protection screen Xclimb 60 with trapezoidal sheet enclosure at both, the Skyland Office Tower and the Residence Tower. This flexible enclosure for all high-rise projects consists of a hydraulically climbed system that can also be quickly repositioned by crane if sufficient crane capacity is available.

Protection screens can be easily sized, permitting last-centimetre adjustment to any layout. This Doka system ensures safe working conditions at any height on 15 tower constructions in Istanbul.

Doka Formwork

CTR 3010 formwork by SATECOAn adjustable metal formwork for curved applications

Construction company, EGDC, is currently building a 13.50 m high tank for water storage at Aytré (17) near La Rochelle, France, using the CTR 3010 formwork by SATECO.

The curved formwork is made up of 3 parts consisting of a 1.5 0m lower extension and 4 standard 3 m panels, overall height 13.50 m.

The 5 mm thick metal formwork of the CTR 3010 panel is designed to provide a better concrete finish in addition to fast and highly accurate vertical assembly.

The complete form is assembled on the ground and then lifted in a single operation. The formwork system allows the use of self-compacting concrete casting of any height.

The circumference of the tank is fully reinforced with an internal brace made up of scaffolding which also provides a working board.

The specific layout of this tank requires 4 primary castings spaced to ensure the stability and safety of the iron assembly.

Finally, when casting resumed, the EGDC Company used hydro expansive joint ribbon to seal the successive castings of the construction.


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