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Formwork & Falsework International - Vol 2 No 1

Ulma Formwork For Mining and Hydropower Expansion

ULMA Climbing systems: SBF and BMK Bracket in Cerro Verde iron ore mineral processing plant


Formwork For Mining and Hydropower Expansion

ULMA has many years of experience, a wide scope of expertise in this area and has carried out a considerable number of projects in Peru.

The growing demand for energy that comes with the fast development in the country has led to a multiplication of the construction of energy infrastructure. This has brought an increasing demand for ULMA solutions, given the proven expertise in the country.

The expansion of the iron ore mine operated by Cerro Verde Mining Company will triple the processing capabilityExpanding Mining Operations

The expansion of the iron ore mine operated by Cerro Verde Mining will triple the processing capability.

With prior experience from 2007, ULMA gets involved for the second time in this project, this time, in the expansion of the Cerro Verde mine managed by GyM S.A.

This expansion is going to triple the ore processing capacity of the mine that produces more than 20% of the copper of the country to 360,000 tonnes.

ULMA has provided specific solutions for this project. The 2.5 m thick slab required extra horizontal reinforcement against heavy wind that significantly increased the weight of the structure.  The bracing of the T-60 shoring towers helped increasing their load capacity by more than 1 tonne to support the slab.

Hydroelectric Power Plant, Cerro del Aguila

One of the largest projects currently in progress and one that will become the second largest hydroelectric power plant in Peru is Cerro del Aguila with a production of 510 MW.

The project means a real challenge due to the technical complexity, but also because of the location and the difficult access to the area.

A consortium of GyM and Astaldi appointed ULMA as formwork supplier for the construction of the dam, the powerhouse and the intake. The dam is 80 m high and 270 m wide at the crest.

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