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Formwork & Falsework International - Vol 2 No 1

Peru - Formwork For Mining and Hydropower Expansion continued

Work is advancing on the construction of the 2nd largest hydropower scheme in Peru, at  Cerro del Aguila	In the first construction stage of the intake, modular formwork was used to provide utmost versatility: ORMA for straight walls, CLR and FLECTOR circular formwork for 2.6 m high tiers of curved walls.

Work is advancing on the construction of the 2nd largest hydropower scheme in Peru, at Cerro del Aguila

BRIO modular scaffolding was used to enable workers to carry out parallel works while the construction went on.

In the second and third stage, the walls were built with SBF single-sided climbing bracket. Because the product was new to the Peruvian market, the workers were trained on how to use it in order to increase the assembly efficiency.

In this type of project, machinery is constantly moved from one place to another, which had to be taken into account when building the slab. The solution to this was achieved by using MK Shoring and Gantry Bracket MT as support for the MK Truss, BRIO and ENKOFLEX beam formwork.


Tata Steel Asymmetric Slimflor Beams Tata Steel Asymmetric Slimflor Beams

Tata Steel relaunches its Asymmetric Slimflor Beams (ASBs) making them more accessible than ever before, with a shorter production time and improved availability. Responding to customer feedback, the ASBs are to be produced to order, enabling accurate programming for construction projects.

Manufactured in the UK to the exacting standards required for CE-marked products, and recently certified to BES 6001, ASBs beams are now available on a project basis from rolling campaigns for smaller minimum order quantities per serial size (>120 tonnes). The shorter lead-time, typically 6-8 weeks, along with rollings for smaller quantities provides customers with greater flexibility.

An integral part of the Advance sections range, ASBs have been specifically designed for use with ComFlor 225 deep decking to create the Slimdek system, an engineered solution that offers a service-integrated, minimal depth, cost-effective shallow floor construction ideal for car parks, residential developments, hospitals and commercial buildings where minimising floor depth, and achieving onerous acoustic and vibration criteria are key consideration.

ASBs are an essential part of a cost-effective shallow floor solution. The composite action, which is assisted by the embossed surface on the upper flange of the ASB, significantly increases the structural strength of the floor.
      We are keen to demonstrate the flexibility that ASBs can offer to construction programmes. In addition to our extensive products and service offering, we have a team of structural engineers on-hand to offer our customers free design assistance for optimal use of ASBs in any building project.

said Mike Hoare, Product Marketer, Construction Structures

Tata Steel



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