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Second Artificial Residential Island

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) has been awarded a contract from Compañía Insular Americana, S.A. to construct a second artificial island off the coast near the residential area of Punta Pacifica in Panama City.

This project follows the successful construction of the first island by Boskalis, which was handed over to the client in early 2013.

With a contract value of more than EUR 55 million the project is scheduled to commence in the course of the second half of 2015 and is expected to last for two years.

The project involves constructing the second artificial island in the Pacific Ocean off the densely populated shoreline of Panama City.

Nine hectares of land will be created by using approximately 600,000 cubic meters of rock to form a perimeter and filling it with 1.3 million cubic meters of sand.

A bridge will be built to connect the second island to the first island.

The client Compañía Insular Americana, S.A. is an affiliated company of Ocean Reef Island Inc for which Boskalis constructed the first artificial island.

Boskalis will use tugboats and barges to transport the rock and a clamshell and excavators to install the rock perimeter. Thereafter, the island will be filled with sand supplied by a large trailing suction hopper dredger.

Boskalis’ strategy is aimed at benefitting from key macro-economic factors which drive worldwide demand in our markets: expansion of the global economy, increasing energy consumption, global population growth and the challenges presented by climate change.

This land reclamation project is driven by the necessity to create land to accommodate population growth in a densely populated region.

Royal Boskalis

Deciding on the new Terex TLB 840 loader backhoe was definitely the right way to goAustralia

NSW Contractor Boosts Efficiency

Like many regional centres within a couple of hours drive from Sydney, towns in the Newcastle area are experiencing a boom in residential development.

The region is the second most populous metropolitan area in New South Wales after Sydney.

Contractor Dave Izzard is kept busy providing services in excavation of trenches for electricity and plumbing works on residential development sites, road works and commercial constructions.

After logging over 10,000 hours on his previous Terex loader backhoe, he decided it was time to get a new machine that would boost productivity.

On his purchasing decision, Dave said:

Deciding on the new Terex TLB 840 loader backhoe was definitely the right way to go, as it has lots of features that let me work faster. The most noticeable improvement over earlier models is the braking system which is significantly more efficient and more positive.
    I have also noticed the machine is easier to steer, with its weight more evenly distributed; no doubt helped by the solid cast nose counterweight.
    When working on sloping sites, less effort is needed and the machine can be worked faster when I’m back filling or slewing on uphill grades.

Semco Equipment
Terex Construction


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