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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

Latest Innovations in

Trenchless Technology

Contractors around the world

have recognised the many benefits

that trenchless technology deliver

and as technology advances so

companies such as Tracto-Technik

apply it to new models.

This will be evident on the

TractoTechniik stand at Intermat

2015 with the launch of the

Grundodrill 18ACS, which works

highly effcient in mixed soils as well

as in hardest rock at signficantly re-

duced operation costs and construc-

tion times.

The Grundodrill 18ACS works

with a twin tube drill rod consisting

of an inner tube with plug-in con-

nector and outer tube with Elicon thread.

For bores in rock the “Rockbreaker” steering head with

roller chisel is applied. When drilling, the outer tube steers

the Rockbreaker and the inner tube, which is connected

to the roller chisel, transfers a torque of 2.500 Nm up to

350 rpm directly onto the chisel. This way, it reduces the

amount of Bentonite required to a very small quantity,

keeping the costs for purchase, treatment and disposal

down to a minimum without impairing the performance.

With a Cummins Tier IV compliant 126 kW diesel en-

gine, consuming less than 10 l/h, and a thrust and pullback

force of 180 kN, it is possible to do standard fluid-assist-

ed bores up to 400 m length and rock bores up to 300 m

length with an upsizing diameter of 20” maximum. A rod

magazine holds up to 225 m.

Having a working width of 2,3 m and an axis-centre

distance between drilling axis and obstacle of only 1 m

the 15,200 kg unit is also ideal for applications in limited

spaces as for example mountainous regions or inner cities.

Inclination angle is variable between 12° and 30° to give a

wide drilling envelope.

At just 66 dB(A) sound level, the drill is also suitable

for use in sensative areas such as in residential housing es-

tates or near hospitals. The rubbersised steel track helps

minimse damage to ground surface and also provides easy

traction over difficult ground conditions.

New Pipe Rehabiliation Solution

Intermat will also see the official introudction of the TT

PipeREDUCER. This further extends the application range

of the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system by the ‘Pipe

reduction’ relining technique for the trenchless renovation

of pipes.

The pipe reduction method allows for a PE pipe string

with reduced diameter which adapts to ‘close-fit’ to the

inside of an old pipe wall whilst being pulled through the

host pipe.

A benefit of this method is the fact that the diameter of

the old pipe is only slightly reduced. At the same time the

hydraulic capability of the pipeline is improved.

Due to the close-fit installation no annular space re-

mains avoiding costly grouting. This method re-

sults in a mechanically robust and new pipe with

an extended service life.

Further advantages of the reduction method

using the TT PipeREDUCER are short construction

times and minimal civil engineering works which

result in considerably lower cost compared to

open construction. Thus the reduction method

provides a reliable and versatile technique for

the economic, close-fit renovation of gas, water

or drainage pipes in need of rehabilitation.


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