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control panel, fully automatic

climate control system, more

storage compartments as well

as an improved layout with

the most important switches

grouped together within easy

reach on the right console.

New Bobcat Telescopic Handlers

for the Rental Industry

At Intermat 2015, the Bobcat area will provide the stage for

the global launch of several new telescop-

ic handler models from the company.

The first of the new telehandlers

is the new TL358 6 m lift

height compact tele-

handler, which is avail-

able with two rated ca-

pacities of 2.6 or 3 tonne.

Bobcat is also showing the new 13 m and 14 m lift height

T35130S and T35140S telehandlers aimed particularly at

the rental industry and offering a 3.5 tonne maximum lift


New Compact Telescopic


The new TL358 6 m telehandler has a very com-

pact format, with restricted 2.10 m width and

height dimensions.

This new model has been designed to meet

many applications and customer needs (primarily in

construction, industry and rental) where its overall com-

pact dimensions, powerful 74.5 kW engine and hydraulics,

manoeuvrability and true loading capacity offer a very pro-

ductive alternative to smaller machines limited in perfor-

mance and use.

New 13-14 m Telescopic Handlers

aimed at the Rental Industry

The new T35130S and T35140S telehandlers have a sim-

pler design intended to meet the needs of the rental busi-

ness. The easy-to-use compact stabilisers ensure that the

full capabilities of all the new telescopic handlers can be

utilised in the most confined working areas and close to

walls (minimal loss of reach).

As in other new generation machines, the two

models also feature the new Panoramic Cab

which has a large parabolic windscreen. In the

cab, there is a new dashboard with digital

display and intuitive controls

including a joystick with

i n -

tegrated forward/reverse

(FNR) control for im-

proved productiv-

ity and safety.



ing envelope for



t e l e h a n d l e r

has a maximum

lift height of 12.55

m and a maximum forward reach of 8.6 m. The Bobcat

T35140S telehandler has a maximum lift height of 13.6 m

and a maximum forward reach of 9.8 m.



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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1




Maximum lifting capacity:

2600 or 3000 kg

3500 kg

3500 kg

Maximum lifting height:

5800 mm 12550 mm 13600 mm

Maximum horizontal reach:

3100 mm 8600 mm 9800 mm

Maximum travel speed:

40 km/h

30 km/h

30 km/h



Montabert Shows Innovation

Montabert will use Intermat to reinforces its position in the hydraulic drifting market with the

introduction of the new Montabert HC95 drifter.

This new multipurpose drifter is

available in 3 versions - one to replace

a drifter already installed on a drill-

ing machine; one for underground

drilling in mining and one for surface

drilling in quarries, etc.

Montabert claim that the new

drifters require less maintenance

than any other drifter and yet de-

liver increased performance and


Anti-seismic BRV

Other products being launched by

the French company includes a patented system and en-

tirely designed by Montabert teams to detect and prevent

damage caused by vibrations.

The anti-seismic BRV is an electronic system intended

to regulate the rock breaker’s power based on the vibra-

tions it generates.

Using sensors placed in sensitive areas (railway tracks,

bridges, buildings, etc), the system will lower the rock

breaker’s power based on guidelines provided by the con-

tractor. This eliminates the need to use a laboratory to

measure seismic velocities and the associated costs.


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