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Editorial Comment

Getting Ready

for Show Time in


Early Spring in Europe is the traditional time

for the major event for the construction in-

dustry. This year it is Intermat, in Paris, but

there is already information coming through about the

most important event in the construction industry calendar - Bauma

2016 which takes place every three years in Germany.

Intermat is facing increasing challenges for its position in the 3 year-

ly cycle with ConExpo and Bauma. Many in the industry would prefer

just one major event in Europe, one in Asia and one in North America.

The stumbling block, at the moment, is Bauma China which is still

very much an inward looking trade show. However, with the boom

slowing down in China, now may be the time for the show to develop

a wider appeal. To succeed, I believe that it needs a name change to

Bauma Asia and perhaps a more central location such as Hong Kong,

which still has the China connection.

Some major players are giving Intermat a miss this year - mainly be-

cause of cost. Intermat is the most expensive of the three shows for

exhibitors and although it matches the attendance of ConExpo, it is far

away from the 500,000+ who will probably visit the next Bauma.

Many companies attending, who Contractors World has spoken to,

say that the French market and its north African connections is a valu-

able market and reason enough to exhibit. It will be interesting to see

visitor numbers and where they come from. It would be useful to get

genuine visitor numbers from major event organisers.

For instance, while student and family days are important they do

inflate figures.

Intermat 2015 will be a very interesting event because it is the last

opportunity for manufacturers to unveil Tier IV Final engine powered

machines before the latest emission standard come into effect.

Meeting these standards is more than just exchanging engines. The

new engines are larger and get much hotter so need a larger compart-

ment and additional cooling. This has resulted in machines being given

a completely new look and design. The bigger, heavier engines deliver

greater torque forces so machines can be more productive while reduc-

ing fuel consumption and emissions.

I will be at Intermat 2015 from the beginning to the end and I look

forward to reviewing some of the more interesting announcements.

The second Intermat Preview in this issue gives you a taster of what’s

to come.

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