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A Whole New Family of

Cats Play in the Spanish


Caterpillar may have decided not to attend Intermat 2015

- the platform for the launch of new equipment for many

companies. However, the recent event at the Caterpillar

Demonstrations and Learning Centre at Malaga, Spain

demonstrated that the company continues its R&D pro-

gram with the introduction of a raft of new models. The

new announcements were not restricted to a specific prod-

uct type but across a wide range.

The company presented the latest additions to their

range of tracked excavators, tracked dozers, articulated

dump trucks, wheel loaders, tracked loaders, material han-

dlers and backhoe loaders. The presentations also showed

the company’s commitment to using technology to further

lower fuel consumption while increasing productivity and

overall operating efficiency.

The Spanish weather also contributed with two warm,

sunny days providing the perfect backdrop to the new ad-

ditions to the Cat family.

Technology Supersedes


Ten years ago when a company introduced a new model,

the emphasis was mainly on stronger undercarriage, a big-

ger, more spacious cab, stronger booms and arms to in-

crease payload and other engineering enhancements.

Today, manufacturers have realised that weight to load

ratios are as good as they can be in engineering terms. The

emphasis, today, is on the rapid growth in digital technol-

ogy, which, when integrated into the mechanical systems

can provide an almost autonomous solution to routine

tasks, maintenance and investment management.

However, there continues to be further engineering

improvements to strengthen critical areas for improved

stability and load handling capabilities.

Latest in Excavators

The new Cat 336F L/LN excavator, replacing the 336E L/LN,

is powered by a C9.3 ACERT engine, rated at 321 metric

horsepower (236 kW) that meets EU Stage IV emissions

standards. This and other new features enhance overall

fuel efficiency and deliver fuel savings of up to 8 percent,

compared with its predecessor.

A heavy-duty, 6.5 m reach boom and three stick op-

tions —3.9 m (available only with the long undercarriage),

3.2 m and 2.8 m — provide excellent all-around versatil-

ity for general excavation work, such as multipurpose dig-

ging and loading. The 6.18 m mass-excavation (ME) boom

and matching 2.55 m stick are designed for enhanced per-

formance and production when moving high volumes of

heavy material.

Many customers will welcome the news that the latest

models are to have advanced technology fitted as standard.

Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope, a factory-integrated

system standard for the new 336F models, uses protected

sensors in the front linkage to provide real-time positioning

and cut/fill data through the cab monitor.

Operators save time by attaining specifications on the

first pass, while conserving fuel, reducing machine wear,

conserving fill materials, and minimizing grade-checker


The system can also be upgraded to meet customer

needs. Cat dealers can easily upgrade the system to 3D ca-

pability with Cat AccuGrade GPS or Universal Total Station

(UTS) packages.

LINK technologies, such as the Product Link system,

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