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What’s New In Plant & Equipment

choose between maximum rimpull and maximum travel

speed via a convenient switch on the RH console. It also

automatically regulates speed during downhill travel.

The Deluxe cab features two side-entry doors, low-ef-

fort electro-hydraulic joystick, suspended pedals, tilt steer-

ing wheel, air-suspended and heated seat and optional se-

curity keypad.

Options include the Road Feature and Load Feature

Packages, which include a new electronic, soft-touch key-

pad for convenient control of most functions. The Road

Feature Package includes a Ride-Control system that cush-

ions boom cylinders when the machine is traveling with

a load in rough terrain, smoothing the ride and retaining


Medium Sized Loaders

In the larger wheel loader range, the new Cat 950M (19,769

kg )and 962M (20,296 kg) wheel loaders feature a Cat C7.1

ACERT engines that also meet Stage IV emission standards.

The new engines deliver more power than their K-Series

predecessors and contribute to a potential

10% gain in fuel efficiency (25% better than

the H series). This was achieved from the

enhanced performance of the redesigned

hydraulic system and the new engine,

which works at a lower average speed and

creates less heat.

An improved interface between the

operator and machine controls further

boosts production potential, and the new

Cat Payload Measurement system ena-

bles operators to confidently deliver exact

loads, while allowing managers to monitor

machine productivity.

The new models also feature major drive-train refine-

ment, new cab amenities, optimized Z-bar linkage and a

range of Cat Performance Series buckets and work tools

that expand overall machine versatility.

In the cab, the new electro-hydraulic joystick steering

is also available on the 950M and 962M featuring speed

sensing force feedback for unparalleled comfort and con-

trol. A new multipurpose color touch screen display dra-

matically simplifies the operator interface with machine

controls, rear vision camera and the new fully integrated

Cat Production Measurement system.

The mobile scale device accuately loads truck, stores

the data and can, via the optional printer, produce a re-

ceipt of the amont of material loaded. This system is not

yet certifiable for accuracy, as required by local authoriat-

ies and regulators, but it is only a matter of time before the

technology proves itself. At that time, it will be possible to

dispense with manned weightbridges.

Stair-like steps and repositioned grab handles facilitate

safely entering and exiting the M-Series cab, as does the

wider door opening. An available switch in the electronic

service center allows ground-level unlatching of the door,

which then swings open via a gas strut.

A heavier counterweight and a larger bucket capablity

means 20 t. trucks can be loaded in 3 passes.

Improving Markets

Paolo Fellin, Vice President - Global Construction &


said that they expect to see a continued

growth out of the depressed markets within Europe but it

will become a more competitive market.

One reason for this could be Chinese manu-

facturers looking to export as local demand

decreases. There is a general concensus

that the markets will find a new level some

58% below the peak of 2008 but signficant-

ly higher the the low experienced in 2009.

Mr Fellin explained how fully integrat-

ed technology is enabling Cat customers to

benefit. In truck loading, by loading to opti-

mum level, maximum efficiency is achieved

with less spillage from overloading. For

highway trucks, overloading can result in a

costly fine, being able to measure loading

eliminates this.

Enhanced bucket loading features, return to dig, etc

also contribute to fewer passes which translates to less


Fleet owners and plant hire companies have also wel-

comed the opportunity to manage their equipment in real

time. To see where delays are occuring and to track ma-

chine usage and location.


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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1