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What’s New In Plant & Equipment

Using Svantek’s Class

1 SVAN 971 sound level

meter and featuring a

weatherproof, robust

and compact design

with IP65 protection

level, the MOLES is

a fully autonomous

environmental noise

monitoring solution

that can be easily de-

ployed in the field.

Lightweight and long-lasting, the internal batteries can

be swapped without interrupting measurement. External

batteries can be added to extend life to eight weeks or


The system is available with options for 1/1 and 1/3

octave real-time analysis and triggered audio recording. It

also offers two in 10 audio recording making it ideal for

measuring levels of noise from wind turbines.

The units are supplied with free SvanPC++ software

with the option of environmental calculations / tonal as-

sessment. They provide 4GB storage capacity and data can

be stored on a micro SD card.

John Shelton, Managing Director at Svantek comments:

“The MOLES is based on our diminutive and well

proven SVAN 971 instrument. It is an integrated

kit with long-term rechargeable battery

and outdoor protection for both meter and

microphone. Extremely cost effective, it is perfect

for independent environmental noise assessors or

larger consultancies.”


Tier IV Portable


Atlas Copco Portable Energy heavy-duty QAS 45 portable

generator features an Isuzu 4LE2X engine and a diesel

oxidation catalyst (DOC) to achieve Tier 4 Final emission

levels. The QAS 45 is rated for 45 kVA of prime power for

applications such as construction, oil and gas, rental and

large events.

The generator is designed for predict-

able power and optimal operation, The unit

is equipped with a Leroy Somer AREP alter-

nator and features a 72.5-gallon fuel tank for

run times as long as 30-hours under typical

loads. DeepSea 4510 controls complete

the package.

The backlit display shows all critical

machine information, which can be viewed

through a clear viewing panel in the door.

The generator controller features remote start

capability and all functions are set with warning and show-

down safety limits that can be easily customized by the


The generator has been designed for versatility with

its standard voltage selector switch that allows operators

to adjust the machine’s output to 480/277, 208/120 and

240/139 volt 3-phase settings, as well as 120/240 volt sin-

gle phase for varying applications and equipment.

This versatility gives users greater flexibility on jobsites

and can increase utilization at rental centers. Operators

can lock the front panel voltage adjust potentiometer to

prevent unintentional adjustments to the voltage, which

can cause overheating or equipment damage.

In addition, the genset features two 120vac GFCI du-

plex receptacles that are always powered, so contractors

can operate small hand tools while running larger loads.

The low decibel levels means it can be used on noise-

sensitive jobsites and residential areas with its sound-

attenuated enclosure and a vertical radiator and exhaust

discharge. The spillage free base-frame is sized for 110 per-

cent containment of all the machines fluids and fuel, giv-

ing users confidence in the most environmentally sensitive


Maintenance was a key factor when the QAS 45 was

designed. Large access doors and single side maintenance

ensures that service downtime is kept to a minimum. The

DOC after-treatment device requires no regeneration or


The engine meets Tier 4 Final emission standards with-

out the need for diesel exhaust fluid or a diesel particu-

late filter system, thereby eliminating any maintenance for

those systems.

Further, engine fluids are plumbed to the edge of the

skid to eliminate the hassle of maneuvering pans into the

interior space. And, the extended life filters have 500-hour

service intervals resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

The unit comes equipped on a class-leading single axle

trailer with robust tie-downs for safe transport on a flat-

bed. The unit also can be skid mounted for easy movement

with a forklift. All units come with an integral standard sin-

gle-point lifting eye in the enclosure for manoeuvring with

a crane, and is rated for lifting the complete genset with

trailer and fuel.

Atlas Copco Portable Powe r

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