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New floor saws

from Wacker


Wacker Neuson revises the gaso-

line-driven floor saws and re-

duces HAV.

The gasoline-driv-

en floor saws from

Wacker Neuson have been revised and

now offer additional benefits for end users and contrac-

tors. The redesign has resulted in reducing the hand-arm

vibrations (HAV) even further and now below the exposure

level of 5 m/s² specified by the EU. This enables longer op-

erating times and fatigue-free working.

The new floor saw series includes four models - BFS

735, BFS 940, BFS 1345 and BFS 1350 - with blade diam-

eters from 350 to 500 mm. The wheel base has been op-

timized to provide a wide track with a short wheel center

distance for optimal stability and controllability. All models

are equipped with Honda gasoline engines.

The full-frame chassis is constructed from high tensile

strength steel for rigidity of the frame without increasing

the weight.

As the center of gravity is located precisely over the cut-

ting axle, the cutting force of the blade is maximized in

combination with an optimal coordination of the torque.

Wacker Neuson claim that the performance of the floor

saws is 20per cent higher thanwith comparable equipment.

Through the infinitely adjustable cutting depth from

120 to 195 millimetres, the gasoline-driven floor saws pro-

duce a high quality, clean cut in various materials. The dou-

ble-face water sprinkling ensures a long service life of the

blade and therefore saves costs.

Wacker Neuson

Takeuchi TB280FR

Tier IV Final


The Takeuchi TB280FR excavator has been released

in to the North American and Australian markets

. It has more power, greater dig depth and reach

as well as higher tractive forces than the model it


The new Tier IV final specification of the Yanmar

4TNV98CT diesel engine provides 51.6 kW Gross

power for potentially a ten percent productivity


Owners of the TB280FR are able to optimise fuel

consumption with the excavator’s auto engine idle


A multi-function colour display

monitor puts the operator in complete

control by providing a clear and instant

view of all vital systems such as particulate

matter accumulation and the lift/load percent-

age on the craning safety system.

The auxiliary output flow has been increased

and is selectable between 148 l/m and 58 l/m,

providing a better match for certain types of ac-

cessory tools.

A factory fitted twin pump flow (Hyflow) is

now standard – a feature that will appeal to drilling con-

tractors who appreciate the excavator’s capability to drill

very close to its track frames.

The TB280FR has a standard operating mass of 8,653 kg,

putting the excavator in the CCF 7.5 class (7.5 to 10 tonnes),

however the machine’s operating mass when rigged with a

hydraulic hitch and GP bucket will be closer to 9 tonnes. If

fitted with optional steel tracks with rubber pads, this will

add additional mass of 205 kg.

What was previously the medium length stick is now

standard equipment, giving a maximum digging depth of

4,885 mm (including the hydraulic hitch).

The new TB280FR retains its unique Full Zero Turn ca-

pability, thanks to its patented side shifting boom system.

This enables the machine to work between two walls, ex-

cavating at the front and being able to load a truck placed

behind the excavator.

A major advance is a cabin that features integral ROPS

& FOPS level II protection, with the addition of a retract-

able sun shade.

The TB280FR also retains Takeuchi’s signature self-ad-

justing track tensioning system, triple flanged track rollers,

two way control pattern selector, pilot system accumulator,

auto downshift drive motors and numerous other Takeuchi


Takeuchi USA

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