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New Enerpac Hydraulic Torque


Enerpac is replacing the standard S & W-Series torque

wrenches with the new, enhanced “X-Edition” tools.

These “X-Edition” tools are very compatible with the

current S & W tools, but have several new features to help

increase safety, performance and durability for operators.

Key innovations include:


A robust new manifold design with a unique

recessed sealing face provides excellent safety and endur-

ance. Tough new positioning handles, plus an additional

handle mounting option for narrow access applications, fa-

cilitate safe fastening by keeping operators’ hands clear of

pinch points in even hard to reach areas.


Each X-Edition S-Series wrench and

W-Series cassette is factory tested and calibrated, provid-

ing users with performance verification right from the start.

A CE-ATEX statement is provided with every X-Edition

tool, enabling operators to use these tools with confidence,

even in explosive environments.

An optional angle of turn attachment provides meas-

urement of rotation for X-Edition S-Series tools.


A tough new tilt and swivel manifold pro-

vides horizontal and vertical manoeuvrability with great-

er durability, and fits all X-Edition S & W-Series torque


Enerpac will continue to provide service parts for exist-

ing tools. The standard S & W-Series tools will however be

phased out, and be replaced by the new X-Edition tools.


What’s New In Plant & Equipment

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1

New TC120

Tank Cutter


The new Brokk TC120 Tank Cutter attachment is

manufactured by their associate company, Darda.

The attachment delivers maximum cutting con-

trol and the versatility for continuous steel cutting


The 1,194 mm x 432 mm (47” x 17”) tank cut-

ter can be used with the Brokk 160, 260 and 400

model. It adds more flexibility to the jobsite with

its hydraulic rotation capabilities and 127 mm

(5”) wide jaws. It exerts 75 tons of cutting force

at 7,250 psi to easily cut through half-inch thick

steel plate.

Although this attachment can be used in a variety of

applications, such as in salvage yards and balers, it’s com-

monly employed for cutting steel tanks, pipes and vessels.

By using the electric Brokk machine with the TC120 in-

stead, operators reduce the risk of exposure to toxic emis-

sions as well as preventing fires as exists with oxy-cutting


The TC120 attachment also benefits contractors with

its extended reach. Brokk machines’ remote capabilities,

coupled with arms that extend as far as 8.2 m (27’), easily

reach restriced places, improving efficiency while minimiz-

ing labour costs.

Brokk America