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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1


Towed Rock

Crusher Delivers

Australian earthmoving con-

tractor, Sexton Earthworx, has

again met the needs of Port

Pirie Regional Council with it’s

recent purchase of a Kirpy BPB

250 Rock Crusher from Broons

Pty, speciliast manufacturers

of crushing and compaction

equipment. The Kirpy is being

used to produce gravel for road

construction from materials on


Redhill Wind Farm in South Australia was the location

and the rock a good mixture of both limestone and iron-

stone. Kirby rock cursher, with it’s tungsten-carbide ham-

mers, towed by Case IHI tractor, made light work of the


It consistently produces 40 minus material – ideal for

binding the pavement together, giving many years usage

for ratepayers.

Owner of Sexton Earthworx, Graham Sexton, says that

the Council was very impressed with the performance of

the 2.5 m wide Kirpy unit in such rugged terrain.

“They couldn’t believe how fast and consistently

we crushed the rock – there were a few blank

faces actually! Word is already getting around.

I’ve been asked about crushing a section of the

Strzelecki Track in the outback, where it’s down to

20kph in some sections due to oversize rock in the


The Strzelecki Track is a 466 km route that was origi-

nally used to drive cattle. Today, the isolated track is the

state’s toughest road trip and one of its most vital as it is a

link to the Moomba gas fields, a distance of 350 km, tak-

ing a truck 8 hours to cover.

Truckers regularly complain about the damage the

track causes to tyres.

South Australian crushing and compaction specialists,

Broons, is excited about the potential uptake of

the Kirpy crusher by private earthmoving contractors.

Director Stuart Bowes agrees,

“We are very proud of the performance of the Kirpy

rock crushers and it seems the private earthmoving

sector is finally realising the opportunities it

brings. Councils have been a good market for the

Kirpy machines, but the tide is now turning, they

are contracting out much of their work. Whether

crushing in a quarry, borrow pit or on the road

itself, there is always a demand for good road


With thousand of kilometre of unpaved roads and track

across Australia, the potential for strong, durable equip-

ment that requires minimal maintenance is a signficant


Broon Pty was established in 1973, initially to meet the

requirements of the unique characteristics of Austrlian

needs in curshing and compaction equipment.

The company’s range of products are all towed

solutions, thereby simplifying maintenance and max-

imising usage of available on-site tractors

Broon Pty

The remote Trzelecki Track