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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 1


Saudi Arabia

Mosque Moved To Make

Room For Hospital

Nesma Trading Co. Ltd, was contracted by the Saudi

Arabian National Guard (SANG) to build and expand five

hospitals. In the area where one of the hospitals was to

be expanded, a beautifully designed mosque with many

fine details was blocking the building site.

The owner’s original instructions were to demolish

the mosque to clear the construction area, and build an

identical mosque at a new location so prayers could con-

tinue - a process that would take ten months.

However, the contractor had the idea to lift the

mosque and move it to a new location. Approached by

Nesma, Mammoet proposed to jack up and slide the en-

tire mosque to the new location, using a jacking and skid-

ding system. This would keep the delicate mosque intact,

allowing visitors to continue their prayers undisturbed and

maintaining a peaceful environment for the hospital pa-

tients. This operation would only take three months includ-

ing preparations, thus saving seven months reconstruction


This was the first time in Saudi Arabia that an entire

building was to be moved to a different location. The op-

eration was meticulously engineered by Mammoet and

subcontractor Techniek en Methode (part of the Bresser

Group) to guarantee safety and the integrity of the building.

The operation started with the removal of the minaret

with a hydraulic crane. Then, the ground under the mosque

was removed and replaced by a concrete base that could

support the entire structure.

Mammoet supplied and installed all the required equip-

ment for skidding, including skid shoes, push/pull units,

skid tracks and power packs. Finally, Mammoet skidded

the 2,400 ton mosque in its entirety, in less than 48 hours,

over a distance of 120 meters to its new location.

The operation was executed without incidents and

within the planned three months, making it possible for

the client to start the hospital expansion seven months

earlier while keeping the area clean and peaceful for hos-

pital patients and mosque visitors alike.


United Kingdom

Berth 9 Extension, Felixstowe

VolkerStevin is working on the latest expansion of the UK’s

largest container port at thePort of Felixstowe. VSBW, a joint

venture between VolkerStevin and Boskalis Westminster, is

the lead contractor to extend Berth 9 by 190 metres. The

work will increase the combined lengths of Berths 8 & 9 to

920 metres, giving the port even greater flexibility to berth

the world’s largest container ships.

The project involves dredging 1 million cubic metres of

material to provide the berth and approaches, and enable

a new steel-piled quay wall to be built.

Piling of the quay wall is due to be complete in mid


Commenting on the project, Clemence

Cheng, Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited Chief

Executive Officer, said:

“The scale of operations at the Port of

Felixstowe already gives us the ability

to berth more large container ships

simultaneously than other ports in the

UK. The new extension will increase

the berthing permutations we can offer

and continue to ensure that we turn our

customers’ vessels around in the quickest

possible time.”

Royal Boskalis