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Priestly Demolition Secures First Kobelco SK1000 Demolition Excavator

Priestly Demolition Inc. (PDI) has already put to work on site at the General Motors assembly plant in Oshawa, their newly acquired Kobelco SK1000 demolition excavator. PDI purchased the massive 111.130 kg (245,000 lb) machine from Robert Green Equipment Sales Ltd.

Priestly Demolition Secures First Kobelco SK1000 Demolition Excavator

Before PDI was able to purchase the SK1000, the company needed to be certified by Kobelco’s headquarters as a qualified buyer, such is the power of these machines. Over the course of two days, a crew of engineers and Kobelco representatives visited the PDI office in King, Ontario and observed PDI employees as they worked on their jobsites.

The negotiation process began following Kobelco’s official certification of PDI as a qualified buyer. Several managers and executives from each party were present for the meetings that took place throughout the process.

After the agreement was made, Priestly and Kelly completed a final inspection of the machine which was stored in Las Vegas following it featuring at ConExpo.

Ryan Priestly, President/Owner said:

As told at ConExpo, we were able to retract the machine’s expendability, insert a separate boom attachment, and have the machine up and running within hours. We were amazed. At that point we couldn’t wait to bring the machine home and put it to work.

Transportation of the SK1000 demolition excavator from Las Vegas to King City, Ontario (Canada) was handled by Landstar Transportation Systems and involved a total of 7 loads hauling a distance of 3,133 kilometres (1,946 miles).

The demolition excavator is powered by a Hino diesel engine delivering 380 kW. Depending on configuration, maximum operating height is 37.79 m (123 ft) and maximum operation reach 22 m (60 ft).

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Priestly Demolition


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