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Hitachi Hybrids - Economical And Better For The Environment

Hitachi Hybrids - Economical And Better For The EnvironmentThe leading Swiss construction company, A. Hürlimann Bau AG, is one of the first contractors in Switzerland to take delivery of a Hitachi hybrid excavator.

The company owner, Arnold Hürlimann, explains:

The ZH210LC-5 is more economical for owners, simple for the user and better for the environment.

The hybrid machine, part of an existing fleet of conventional Hitachi excavators, is used in varied applications including excavation, road construction and civil works.

One operator, Dominik Schweizer, said that the machine is saving between five and seven litres of diesel per hour. He also says that the system is very reliable and exceptionally quiet.

Ecologically and economically

Richard Hagen Bucher who operates an Hitachi hybrid excavator for construction company, Imhof Bau AG, also talks positively:

In the hybrid excavator, the pivoting movements are smoother and more precise than in a conventional machine. It is very quiet and easy to use. The pivoting movement is smooth and quickly responds.

The company provides services in the areas of transport, waste disposal and construction in the cantons of Thurgau, Schaffhausen and Zurich.

Company founder and owner, Thomas Imhof says:

For our environment, we have a special responsibility. Therefore, we align our business decisions according to ecological principles. There we want to move a lot and are committed to sustainable climate protection. Our Hitachi hybrid excavator uses less than 13 litres of diesel per hour. This allows us to save up to 7,000 litres a year. With the declaration of joining the program of the Energy Agency for Industry, we are committed to the active reduction of CO2 emissions and to optimize energy efficiency, the Hitachi Hybrid excavator fits this perfectly into this concept.

The Hitachi ZH210LC-5 Hitachi is an innovative hybrid 22 t excavator that reduces CO2 emissions and consumes up to 30% less fuel than conventional excavators of the same weight class without compromising performance.

The hybrid system converts energy created when braking the swing movement into electrical energy. This is transferred to a condenser unit and stored there. It is then used again in order to accelerate the swing motor and to move the superstructure.

Hitachi Construction Equipment


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