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CDE introduces AquaCycle
water treatment technology

A new mobile CDE washing plant is operational at S.A. André Boureau’s new sand and gravel pit located at Lanty-sur-Aube in France where it is producing commercial products while recycling 90% of the water used in the plant.

S.A. André Boureau is a family-owned quarry company located in the north-east of France. Operational since 1965, their quarries produce over 300,000 tonnes of sand, gravel and aggregates every year for use in a wide range of applications.

These include supplying material for construction and maintenance of roads.

The company’s other activities include earthworks, demolition, roadworks, creation of networks, equipment hire, and the sale of sand, aggregates and building materials.

In 2014 S.A. André Boureau had to open a new sand and gravel pit at Lanty-sur-Aube, a short distance from their existing quarry, which had come to the end of its deposits.

The company wanted to introduce modern mobile washing technology in order to maximise productivity and minimise environmental issues from the new pit. They also asked for the flexibility to move the wash plant as and when necessary.

The company’s long-term relationship with Lheureux et Cie, a partner of CDE in France, led to discussions about the best solution for their requirements.

The crushing and screening specialists offers rental, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to its customers. They have been working with CDE for many years and recommended a CDE solution for this project.

At this time the Northern Ireland company became directly involved with the client on a technical and commercial level.

This was the beginning of a close collaboration between client and manufacturer which resulted in the successful installation of the new plant specified to the client’s exact needs.

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