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Lafarge Tarmac Investing in
Better, More Flexible Solutions

Lafarge Tarmac is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business and are responsibly sourced and certified to BES 6001. Aware of the environmental responsibilities, the company continually invests in cleaner, more productive ways to process materials.

An example of this policy is Lafarge Tarmac’s operation in Bedfordshire, UK, site that has invested in the world’s first Terex Washing Systems (TWS). Ths plant, supplied through Terex Washing Systems UK dealer, DUO plc, comprises an AggreSand 206 modular wash plant, combined with the AggreScrub 150 that is processing in excess of 350 tph and producing 3 aggregates and 2 sands.

Lafarge Tarmac Regional Operations Director Andy Bate commented:

This plant has the capability to process double the capacity of the previous fixed plant. It boosts a very innovative and compact design and gives us the ability, especially on sand production, to have ultimate flexibility, so we can make two sands at varying cuts. We have a 0-4 mm concrete sand and a 0-2 mm fine sand.
      The criteria we considered for the site for the processing plant was one of high capacity, high efficiency and something that was within our planning constraints, so it had to be something that was pretty low level with a low ground pressure footprint.
      What we got with TWS and Duo PLC was a highly efficient plant offering ultimate flexibility and the ability to produce the variations and high specification we needed. We are seeing an increasing market demand in this area but when the need arises we can take this model and transfer it anywhere within out industrial footprint across Lafarge Tarmac.

Alex Moss, Managing Director, Duo PLC, commented:

This plant has allowed us to develop a solution with the client and work as one. Critical to this process was understanding what their specific demands were so we could bring to the table a solution to meet their requirements and variations. Acquiring information on their feed material, end user and market demands was fundamental to develop a solution specific for them. The final set-up allows Lafarge Tarmac to change with the market and very quickly can move these plants from site to site if required.”

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