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Upgrading Mains Water Supply With Minimum Inconvenience

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department (Miami-Dade) operates one of the largest public utilities in the United States – serving the highest population in Florida. The water system is over 100 miles (160 km) of 48 inch (1219 mm) diameter, and larger, pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipelines.

After a series of high profile failures, Miami-Dade implemented a comprehensive asset management program for their large diameter pipeline system. The program consists of scheduled inspections of the pipeline inventory on a rotating basis. Once inspections are completed, risk factors and priority classification are given for repair and maintenance.

Since Miami-Dade’s pre-stressed concrete pipe system runs through densely populated areas and under busy streets, there are several challenges to consider when performing a condition assessment and implementing repairs and maintenance.

A trenchless method widely used across the country for high pressure large diameter pipelines is carbon reinforced polymer. This lightweight high strength material is installed on the interior of distressed pipeline segments and provides a full structural upgrade able to resist all internal pressure and internal loads.



Rapid Mobilization Begins for Pipeline Upgrade

Structural Technologies and STRUCTURAL - part of the Structural Group, is helping Miami-Dade with their pipeline repair needs. Structural Technologies’ V-Wrap system is an approved system for pipelines, while Structural provides speciality contracting services as part of the Miami-Dade’s emergency response team.

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