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  The World Is Turning to MOBA Big Sonic-Ski System

Big Sonic-Ski with four sensors, for extreme precision in levellingTechnology is rapidly changing the way that contractors work. Correctly applied, technology can save time, increase productivity, improve efficiency and ensure that just the right amount of material is placed or removed. The bottom line is massive savings on costs to provide a rapid return on initial investment.

Many manufacturers are beginning to install advanced technology in to machine control systems, but, for many contractors, they need the added versatility of being able to move the control system from one machine to another.

One company that is leading the world in providing such solutions is the German company, MOBA and their Big Sonic-Ski system for road works. Since its introduction it has proven itself around the world.

Now it is being used with 4 sensors for the first time in Spain.

Big Sonic-Ski with four sensors, for extreme precision in levelling

The route Manises and Riba Roja in the province of Valencia, Spain, is an important stretch of one of the access roads to the city of Valencia.

Constantly increasing traffic volumes, currently running at more than 30,000 vehicles per day, and particularly the growing heavy goods traffic, have contributed in the past to serious traffic problems and to overloading on the narrow, heavily curved and well-worn road. This led the provincial government to commission the complete reconstruction of the connecting road.

The total project involves 240 km of the new parallel highway with three lanes and two carriageways. This doubles the number of lanes, increase safety, road capacity and to improved access.

It involves 99 Structures and 8 retaining walls, 2 viaducts over the Turia river and 4 other viaducts. Cost is approximately US$375 million.

One part of the project is now in its final phase, whose schedule includes the task of laying the asphalt paving.

The Bertolín Group, the construction company tasked with the project, deployed the MOBA-matic levelling system with Big Sonic-Ski fitted to a Volvo and an AGB paver being used. For the first time, Bertolín decided to use the system with four sensors.

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