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Contractors World International - 2015 Vol 6 No 3

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What's New In Plant & Equipment

  Xcentric Rapid Development of Crusher Buckets

Xcentric bucket crusher specificationsThe Spanish company, Xcentric Ripper International, S.L., well known for it hydraulic rippers, used Intermat 2015 as the launch platform to introduce the company’s first range of crusher buckets.

However, since the launch of the XC30 crusher for excavators in the 25 - 35 t. class, customer comments led to the rapid development of a smaller model which the company has just announced. The XC20 is designed for excavators from 18 to 25 t class.

The rapid development capabilities that the company has, means the crusher buckets are already benefitting from ongoing evaluation and responding to field evaluations and customer requests.

By modifying the granulometry adjustment system, the system is now simpler, more efficient and intuitive. The company has also redesigned the outside of the bucket. The result is faster throughput of higher quality material with increased durability and reliability.

The company told Contractors World International that they have already delivered several units following the launch in April.

Patented Technology

Xcentric crusher buckets included patent-pending technology that applies a high inertia power train, circular jaw movement as well as preventing large pieces jamming in the bucket.

The advanced technology allows in excess of 70 m³ per hour with the XC30 and over 60 m³ per hour with the XC20 - depending on the output crushing size and the hardness of the material. Both crushers can be set to output material for 20 mm to 140 mm.


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