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What's New In Plant & Equipment

Small Range EC hydraulic breakers from Atlas CopcoSmall Range EC hydraulic breakers from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has expanded its Essential Case-Mounted (EC) range of hydraulic breaker attachments by adding five Small Range breakers to the lineup that are small enough to fit in limited-access work environments, such as pipe trenches.

The new, Small Range breaker attachments - the EC 40 T, EC 50 T, EC 60 T, EC 70 T and EC 80 T are designed for small-scale construction and demolition using 1- to 12 t carriers.

The EC breaker attachments feature Atlas Copco’s box-style mounting systems, which eliminate the need for removing external fasteners to access components, such as wear bushings and seals, for faster maintenance.

Operators can use the breakers in noise- and vibration-restricted worksites because of Atlas Copco’s exclusive VibroSilenced Plus systems. These systems isolate percussion mechanisms from breaker boxes with polyurethane damping and seal all attachment openings to minimize noise and vibrations.

The breakers have service weights as low as 95 kg (209 lbs) and generate impact rates as high as 1,600 bpm to deliver effective impact energy to the breaking surface. With their high power-to-weight ratios, can be used for demanding applications such as demolition, earthwork, quarrying and trenching.

EC breakers ensure smooth operation through integrated features such as nitrogen-gas assist. The nitrogen piston accumulator works with the hydraulic oil to accelerate the piston, which decreases the hydraulic oil demand from the carrier’s hydraulic systems and delivers consistently high-impact energy.

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment (USA)

StarMet Wear Bottom Leg Shroud from MTGStarMet Wear Bottom Leg Shroud from MTG

An innovative accessory from the Spanish company, MTG, is especially designed to extend the service life of adapters abrasive applications

This innovation, presented at Intermat 2015, protects the bottom leg of the adapter and its welding area.

The main advantage of the StarMet Wear Bottom Leg Shroud is that it duplicates the wear material of the bottom leg adapter and, therefore, reduces the down times of machinery related with G.E.T (Ground Engaging Tools).

This product is easy and fast assembling and has already been satisfactorily tested for almost one year in highly abrasive applications.


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