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Intermat 2015 Review No 1

P550 - Palfinger expands the Jumbo Class NX

Palfinger two brand new platforms

P550 - Palfinger expands the Jumbo Class NX

The jumbo class NX of Palfinger’s access platforms is expanded by a new and even larger version. The P550 delivers a working height of 55 meters and a reach of 40 meters. An additional X-jib and basket rotation of 2 x 200° ensure that the units are particularly movable.

The additional X-jib between the upper boom and the work basket already proved itself in the P480. It can be controlled individually for especially precise positioning and offers a work area of 240°.

Yves Schlessiger, the product manager of Palfinger Platforms said:

In the development of the P550, we made sure that we would not sacrifice any free mobility in offering this range. This makes our products superior to conventional access platforms and enables entirely new application areas.

Palfinger_P280AXE - maximum range in the tightest of spacesPalfinger_P280AXE - maximum range in the tightest of spaces

Palfinger Platforms Italy has introduced its latest access platform: the P280AXE. The new model is designed for applications that provide limited space but nevertheless require extensive reach of the access platform.

The P280AXE has a compact design while still offering a working height of up to 28 m and a lateral reach of 15 m. The developers also placed particular focus on the ergonomic design. The platform has a total length of only 6.89 m and a gross weight of no more than 6 tonnes.

The individual stabilisation widths create additional room for manoeuvre. With a smaller stabilisation area, the crane determines the maximum range depending on the situation. This ensures safety and makes it easy to obtain the maximum reach from tight conditions. Regardless of the stabilisation width, the crane boom can be rotated 360° and the basket itself 90° left and right.

During the development of the P280AXE, particular importance was attached to an ergonomic design for the entry area or control elements, for example. The collision protection also provides protection for the operator.

Palfinger AG

Quality Control During Asphalt Paving: Pave-Ir Scan

MOBA used Intermat to showcase its development in asphalt paving technology with the PAVE-IR Scan system.

Temperature differences and laying on cold asphalt can often lead to premature damage to the roadway. This MOBA system offers a new way of preventing such damage and of monitoring the temperature directly during asphalt paving using a temperature scanner, thus allowing you to optimize the paving process.

The system uses an intelligent temperature scanner over the entire paving width of up to 12 m to measure the temperature of the asphalt at up to 61 measurement points.

The temperature profile is shown in real-time on a display. As a result, the operator can react at any time if irregularities occur.

In addition, the profile is stored with the GPS position data and transferred to a USB stick. Using a software, the contractor can evaluate and document the data in the office, can use it for planning subsequent work and to document the quality of his or her work.



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