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ROBOCUT On the BeachROBOCUT On The Beach

McConnel’s innovative all-terrain ROBOCUT will be keeping one of Singapore’s most famous beaches in five-star condition after a successful trial at the country’s scenic East Coast Park, where it proved far more effective than a compact tractor with a cleaning implement.

Equipped with a universal blade, McConnel’s innovative all-terrain remote control machine was put through its paces by local environmental services contractor, Ramky Cleantech Services Pte Ltd, clearing sea weed and debris from the beach front.

The 1,010 kg unit is powered by an Isuzu diesel developing 30 kW (40 hp) with a top speed of 7 km/h and able to handle gradients up to 55°. Being remotely controlled, the operator is able to stand at a safe distance from the machine.

Jason Leong, business development manager for McConnel’s Singapore distributor Jebsen and Jessen said:

Ramky chose a ROBOCUT because of the way it consistently outperformed the compact tractor which was considered too large and got stuck in the sand.
     Ramky’s operators have been extremely impressed with the performance in challenging wet sand conditions. The machine has proved far more suitable than a tractor and more efficient than hand clearance.

Jebsen & Jessen

Providing Sanitary Sewer Systems To 40 VillagesPERU

Providing Sanitary Sewer Systems To 40 Villages

An initiative to provide sanitary sewer systems to 40 villages in the southern district of New Chimbote was being delayed by a series of overfilled treatment/oxidation ponds.

Excess soil accumulation combined with high sludge levels reduced the ponds’ original design capacities and created a toxic flooding hazard in the event of heavy rains.

The solution was to deploy a Liquid Waste Technology Mud Cat 40E Dredge which is engineered to remove not only sludge but also excess soil accumulation.

With a total power of 40HP (29.8 kW) and a flow rate of 900 GPM at 50 TDH (204 m³/h at 15 m head), the dredge had more than enough power and handling capacity. It features a 6” suction x 4” discharge (152.4 mm x 101.6 mm) pump and is able to dig depths up to 14 ft.  (4.26 m)

With this successful dredging application completed, the 40 villages in the southern district of New Chimbote will be able to receive the benefits of a new sanitary sewer system.

LWT Dredging Systems

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