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Contractors World International - 2015 Vol 6 No 4

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Worldwide Panorama


The European Mabey Delta Bridge

The procurement arm for the Swiss Federal Ministry of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, armasuisse, has become the first European customer for Mabey Bridge’s Delta Bridge.

The new, single span, 90 m Delta bridge will cross the Rhine river close to Chur, the capital of the Swiss Canton of Graubünden.

The new bridge will be used by the Swiss army for transporting troops to and from their live-firing ranges in Rossboden. The Rhine river bisects the ranges and the Swiss military will restrict the new bridge to use by its troops and their equipment, which will greatly enhance the safety of the local population.

The new Delta bridge replaces two old, 2 span Medium Girder Bridges and will have a 4.2 m road width, so capable of carrying the Swiss Army’s combat vehicles.

Mabey Bridge has supplied the Delta bridge to numerous customers around the world, from Canada to Chile and from Pakistan to the Philippines, but this will be the first bridge to be built in Europe.
Commenting on the new commission, Martin Andrews, Military Sales Manager for the company said,

We have a long tradition of supplying Logistic Support Bridges to armed forces around the world, including the Swiss Army. Because of its unrivalled 90 m single span, the Delta bridge was the right solution for this particular application as it removed the need for an intermediate pier. armasuisse is responsible for civil protection as well as defence, and this bridge installation will go a long way to meeting both those requirements.

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