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Contractors World International - 2015 Vol 6 No 4

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Worldwide Panorama

First Job For Liebherr’s Largest Duty Cycle Crawler Crane


The jobsite is located in the South of Germany, close to the city of Ingolstadt. The proportions are remarkable. The machine, with an entire weight of more than 350 tonnes, operates on the site with a 44 m long main boom and a dragline bucket made by Rädlinger.

The digging depth is approximately 26 m, the unloading height about 15 m. Apart from the dimensions of the HS 8300 HD, which dwarf other duty cycle crawler cranes in comparison, the machine impresses with its innovative hybrid drive allowing an increase in turnover at the jobsite by up to 25%.

Powerful hybrid drive Pactronic

The HS 8300 HD is the first construction machine on the market to be equipped with the Pactronic system developed by Liebherr.

This innovative hybrid drive based on hydraulics offers both economic and ecological advantages.
Surplus energy is stored and subsequently regenerated so increasing the material handling capacity while at the same time significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH

Cranes Improve Productivity In Transmission Line UpgradeUSA

Cranes Improve Productivity In Transmission Line Upgrade

On a 500Kv Power Transmission job site in Arkansas the contractor described the following scenario where the Tadano Mantis greatly increased his productivity and shortened the installation time of dampeners and spacers on a high-voltage line.

Using a Tadano Mantis crane with a Work Platform attachment the crew had one man on the ground walk under the lines and plant marker flags every 15 yards.      The contractor had to install 1800 dampeners, designed to reduce line vibration in high winds, every 15 yards on these lines. He had a 21 day window of time with the power shut off to accomplish this.

Using a Tadano Mantis crane with a Work Platform attachment the crew had one man on the ground walk under the lines and plant marker flags every 15 yards.

The crane operator followed with the boom parallel to the ground and workers in the platform. They stopped at each flag, boomed up, and the crew installed the dampeners. Then they would boom down, walk the crane to the next flag, and repeat the procedure.

By using this method, and taking advantage of the Mantis’s ability to lift without using outriggers, the contractor was able to install 100 dampeners per day and complete the task in 18 days.

The contractors would have used a tracked utility machine with a work platform. Their procedure would have been similar, except that they would have had to carefully position the machine, deploy outriggers, and then boom up. The additional time needed to position the machine, and deploy and retract outriggers would have allowed installation of only 20 dampeners per day and would have needed 90 days to accomplish the same task.

Tadano Mantis

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