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Strutting Technology for Italian Job

Groundforce, has supplied a modular proprietary excava-

tion solution for one of Italy’s most prestigious construc-

tion jobs – the new M9 Museum in Mestre.

The area where the M9 is being built covers 9,000 m²

and includes a former 16th century Benedictine monas-

tery, the former local police headquarters and a building

with offices and businesses.

Groundforce supplied its MP250’s props for the con-

struction of two underground levels, which required

excavating to a depth of some 9 metres below the ground

level, retained by concrete diaphragms.

Given the considerable excavation depth, it was nec-

essary to construct earth retention works with concrete

diaphragms. Installing Groundforce props helped avoid

having to create a great number of tension members.

Using a modular hydraulic shoring system also offered

significant advantages and cost savings over traditional

steel methods by reducing the hours required for the

works - the first installation of props at Mestre was com-

pleted in just one day.

The MP250’s props were equipped with 1,220 mm

“super-extension” that are used where adequate lighting

must be covered without intermediate supports. In this

particular underground environment, they are 30 metres

long. In addition, the modular composition of the tubes

greatly facilitates installation, removal and transport.

The second installation of 4 Groundforce struts was

delivered to the building site in mid-May for completion

of the excavation. Using this technology recommended by

Sogen S.r.l. (a Padova consulting company specialising in

geotechnical and structural engineering) proved to be a

solution that was more advantageous than the initial pro-

ject that proposed excavating with walls retained by tradi-

tional struts and walls retained with tension members.


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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 4


Delivery of TSHD “Hondarra”

The delivery of the 1.200 m³ TSHD “Hond-

arra” is the 4th TSHD built in the Spanish-

Dutch cooperation between Astilleros

de Murueta and Damen Dredging Equip-


The hopper dredger will perform

maintenance dredging duties in the har-

bour of Bayonne and supply sand to the

nearby beaches. The “Hondarra” is the

first dredger of the CCI Bayonne Pays


The hopper dredger has been de-

signed by Bilbao-based Astilleros de Mu-

rueta, as a straightforward fit-for-purpose

The grab crane is used for removing

compacted sand

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