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Scrap Handler

Expects Reliable

Support and


John Korey knows right where his recycling

yard stands in the machine world.

“El Paso is a city of 600,000 but, if

you look at where we’re located on a

map, we’re somewhat in the middle of

nowhere. It’s 750 miles to Dallas and 480

miles to Phoenix, where most folks have

service presence. That leaves us out on

our own here.”

So what to do if a spare part is needed

quickly? Sennebogen LLC has the solution.

Korey acquired new Sennebogen 830 M scrap handlers

for W. Silver Recycling Inc., where he is Regional Opera-

tions Manager. W. Silver Recycling has been operating in

west Texas for more than 90 years.

"We were having challenges here with uptime,

parts availability and overall support. Constantino

(Lannes, the President of Sennebogen LLC) gave

us his word that any part we may need will be

there in 24 hours. Other OEMs just can't meet


The 830 M machines work 9 hour to 10 hour shifts

every day, up to 6 days a week, loading rail cars and gon-

dolas with ferrous scrap destined for steel mills.

Ensuring parts support isn't the only challenge that

the scrap handling operation has to face. Korey continues,

"Our ambient summer air temperatures of 104,

105 degrees are more like 125 on the ground, or

140 where the heat is radiating off metal... but

the Sennebogens just run. We get below freezing

here too, so it's a very wide range of ambient

temperature. And those machines just perform

flawlessly. They don't know whether it's January

or July."

After a year of operation, Korey is pleased with the

decision to bring Sennebogen into the W. Silver Recycling


"Their uptime is fabulous, the fuel burn is 50% less

than the machines they replaced and they're very intui-

tive to operate."

Korey notes that the distinctive green colour of Sen-

nebogen scrap handlers is more than a paint scheme, and

it's good for his company's image.

"Along with their support and functionality,

Sennebogen is well versed enough to make it

Tier IV compliant, to be a "green" machine in the

true sense. We are a recycling company and it's

important to us to show that we walk the talk."


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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 4

dredger according to the Port de Bayonne specification.

All design including the basic design as well as the

naval architecture has been done by the yard. The 61.8

m long vessel includes besides the trailing pipe system a

3.2 m³ bucket grab crane. The superstructure is placed aft.

Damen Dredging Equipment previously supplied the

Ø500 mm trailing pipe, designed for a maximum dredging

depth of -20 m, complete with gantries, winches and posi-

tion indication system.

The “Hondarra” will perform maintenance duties to

keep the harbour at the right depth. Sand will be won

and either dumped or rainbowed to the shore to keep the

beaches in perfect condition.

Damen Dredging Equipment

The Di 500 mm trailing pipe has been designed for a

dredging depth of -20 m