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Contractors World International

The new Eibsee cabl e

car, whi ch wi l l be

bui l t by December

2017 i s on Germany ' s

hi ghes t summi t

and i s int ended to

repl ace the ex i s t ing

aer i a l t ramway

that was

commi s s i oned

in 1963 .


KAMOV helicopter was

required and a great

deal of team work to

erect a tower crane at the very top of Ger-

many’s highest mountain.

Today, the crane temporarily marks Germany’s highest

point at 2,975 m for the construction of the new Eibsee

cable car

The erection of the 150 EC-B 6 Litronic Flat-Top crane

from Liebherr on Germany’s highest peak, the Zugspitze,

went perfectly. A team of experts from Liebherr together

with Swiss airline Heliswiss and the planners from Bayer-

ische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG ensured that the erec-

tion work ran completely smoothly.

On Top

of The


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