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Contractors World International

help of Liebherr erection specialists.

Geo-Alpinbau GmbH, based in

Mils in Tirol, deliberately chooses to

use Liebherr’s many years of expe-

rience for complicated jobs of this


The planning work for the crane

erection was carried out in close col-

laboration with Martin Hurm, Project

Manager for the construction of the

new Eibsee cable car, Bayerische Zug-

spitzbahn Bergbahn AG and Michael

Weißschädel, Project Manager at the

Tower Crane Solutions Department in Biberach.

The new Eibsee cable car is designed to transport visi-

tors from the Sonnalpin midway station to the summit of

the Zugspitze.

The cable car will have the highest steel support in the

world, measuring 127 m.

The cable car set records with the world’s highest aer-

ial tramway support, the world’s largest overall difference

in altitude of 1,945 meters in a section, and the world’s

longest free span with 3,213 meters.

With the successful installation of Germany’s highest

crane at 2,950 meters in June this year, the first milestone

for the new funicular was reached. With the end of rock

removal work, anchor drilling and concrete works are car-

ried out in the area of ​Summit Station.

Prior to installing the crane, Takeuchi mini-excavators

where used to install rock anchors,prepare the base and

generally help in consolidation work.

In 2016, work will begin on the construction of the

new base terminal and the earthworks and concrete work

on the new cable car support.

In the final year of construction in 2017, the disman-

tling of the existing entrance building, the completion of

the upper station, the construction of the cable car and

support, the demolition of the old pillars and the disman-

tling of the old valley station will complete the project.

Highlights to date include construction of the trans-

port and installation of four 145 ton ropes and commis-

sioning of ropeway technology.

At the end of June 2015, concrete

works started on the foundation of the

mountain station. The concrete was

mixed at Zugspitzplatt and transfered

to concrete buckets with the aid of

Manitou telehandlers.

The buckets were then transported

to the top station slung beneath the

cable car. The final transfer to position

of the 25 m³ of concrete was then done

by the tower crane.

Overall, the Bayerische Zugspitz-

bahn Bergbahn AG expects a total

project volume of EUR 50 million. This

is made up of EUR 45.6 million con-

struction costs and 4.4 million euros

for infrastructure and the purchase of a

new mountain locomotive. As of today,

the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn

AG is fully on budget.

The new cable car is scheduled for

December 2017.

Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG.

Liebherr-Werk Biberach



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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 4

A helicopter was essential

in installing the mountain

top Liebherr tower crane.