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otorway rehabilitation or extension jobs re-

quire the services of several highly specialized

players and an array of different machines. The

modernization of a stretch of the A 61 between Ludwig-

shafen and Mutterstadt in Germany was no exception.

The right-hand lane and hard shoulder had to be

removed to a depth of 24.5 cm and replaced with fresh

asphalt over a length of roughly 4.6 km.

For contractor Schnorpfeil Bau GmbH, commissioned

by the regional construction authority in Montabaur, the

job meant “business as usual”.

No fewer than seven different machines from the

Wirtgen Group worked hand in hand on this project to

renew and widen the A 61.

The following machines worked on the project:

• Wirtgen W 250i cold milling machine

• Wirtgen SP 25 slipform paver

• Vögele PowerFeeder MT 3000-2i Standard

• Vögele PowerFeeder MT 3000-2i Offset,

• Vögele SUPER 2100-3i paver with AB 500 Extending

Screed in the TP2 version

• Vögele SUPER 1900-2 paver

• Hamm tandem HD+ 140i VO rollers

The complete surface and binder courses, as well as

parts of the base course, were removed to a total depth

of 24.5 cm by the new high-performance Wirtgen W 250i

cold milling machine.

The roadway was removed in two layers, as part of the

reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) was to be reused. The

existing surface and binder courses were milled off in the

first pass, followed by part of the base course in the sec-

ond pass.

The cold milling machine option

The large Wirtgen milling machine can remove asphalt

layers, up to 35 cm deep, and hard concrete pavements at

a high rate of advance. In addition to removing complete

road structures in a single pass, the machine can also mill

off individual layers with precision and highly economi-

cally – as on the A 61 motorway.

With a powerful

1,005 PS output of

its two engines, the

W 250i delivers high

speed and maximum

milling output. Its

intelligent WIDRIVE

machine control

system and the three

variable milling drum

speeds provide opti-

mum working.

This also ensures

that its operating

costs remain excep-

tionally low for a cold

milling machine.


A Family Affair for Wirtgen

Group on motorway pavement


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