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and extension of the A 61.

With widths ranging from

2.55 m to 5 m, the screed was

simply perfect for the required

pave widths, which were be-

tween 2.9 m and 4.3 m.”

The material feeders

From 2015 onwards, the German

Federal Ministry of Transport has

specified the use of material feed-

ers for construction projects on

federal motorways and trunk

roads, so that paving can proceed

without interruption.

Material feeders were already

specified for rehabilitation of the

A 61 motorway and Schnorpfeil

opted for the Vögele MT 3000-2i

PowerFeeder, using one Standard

model and one Offset model with

a conveyor that could pivot through 55°.

The Offset model proved absolutely

invaluable, particularly at the edge of the

road, where the feed lorries were unable

to manoeuvre on account of a 25 cm deep trench.

Tandem roller for final compaction

For high-grade compaction of the base and binder course,

Schnorpfeil used a tandem roller HD+ 140i VO from

HAMM with a vibratory and an oscillating drum.

The surfaces it produces

feature excellent evenness.

An automatic reversing func-

tion ensures that the ma-

chine brakes and accelerates

without leaving undulations in

the roadway when changing


High-precision compaction

right up to the edge is also a

simple matter thanks to crab

steering. The operator al-

ways has a perfect view of the

drums, the rolled edges and

the job site from his cabin.

Easy Servicing

The key benefit to the contrac-

tor in using machines fro one

family is the simplicity of servic-

ing and parts supply.

The machines also share

much of the same technology for di-

agnostics and setting up which helps

operators on-site to quickly familiarise

themselves with different machines.

Wirtgen Cold Milling Machines

Joseph Vögele Pavers

Hamm Compactors

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 4


Diesel-driven pump helps empty and clean lake

When the Danish construction company Jokobsen &

Blindlilde A/S was contracted to clean up a lake close to

a residential area, they rented an Atlas Copco PAS 6 from

GSV Materieludlejning. The pump was used to empty the

lake and keep the area dry during the maintenance work.

The small lake, located near Middelfart on the island

of Funen in Denmark, is being dredged to purify the lake

of sludge as part of the Danish government’s plans to

meet EU standards.

Jokobsen and Blindlilde chose to work with an Atlas

Copco PAS 6. The pump has a flow of 80-500 m³/h or

1333-8333 l/min and can handle abrasive materials up to

76 mm in diameter. If a blockage occurs, a suction hose

can be used.

The maximum noise level is 66 db(A) and the working

engine speed is 1200-2000 rpm.

Henrik Christensen, Product Manager at GSV Materi-

eludlejning said:

“Draining water from the lake went very quickly,

taking about an hour. The lake will now be kept

dry so that our client can remove the mud

and create a new bed. ”

“There are many advantages to

choosing Atlas Copco equipment for our

rental fleet.”

“One of them is that the PAS 6 pump

is compact compared to its capacity. At

the same time, it's silent, fuel-efficient and

meets strict environmental requirements.

The pump fits in well in our overall ma-

chinery fleet and is easy to maintain. It has

the same Kubota motor as our generators

and since many spare parts are identical

to those found in alternators, we already

have them in stock. It's a big advantage

for both logistics and profitability.”

Atlas Copco Airpower nv

Andreas Lau, Site Manager

for Schnorpfeil