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he renovation of the 17th century St. Michel

Cathedral in the French town of Sospel is plac-

ing high demands both on the stucco plasterers,

painters, scaffolders and on the construction site equip-

ment used.

A transport platform from the Bavarian hoist manufac-

turer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG has proven to

be a practical support tool in the venerable church build-


So that it could also restore the difficult to access ceil-

ing and wall paintings and decorations, the scaffolding

installation company undertaking the works, Entrepose

Echaufaudage, took the decision to install a transport plat-

form, which could be used for transporting both people

and materials.

The narrow, winding interior of the church also re-

quired an extremely space-saving compact device. A suit-

able solution was quickly found with the decision to use a

GEDA 300 Z/ZP transport platform.

Even the approach to the picturesquely located ca-

thedral turned out to be very difficult, because since the

access is via an underpass, the transport platform had first

to be unloaded from the HGV.

Once it had arrived in front of the building, the next

obstacle, namely the narrow entrance door, had to be


The GEDA 300 Z/ZP, the small-

est model in the range has compact

dimensions that made this a simple


When folded, it is only 0.85 me-

tres wide making its transportation

to the construction site easy, even

when it has to fit through tight en-


So the narrow entrance door of

the Cathedral did not present any

challenge at all.

Using the practical forklift take-

up point, the complete device was


Transport PlatformPlays

In St. Michel Cathedral

A transport platform from GEDA

has proven to be a practical

support tool in the venerable

church building.

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