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effortlessly transported in its folded state through the

lobby with a lift truck and then directly assembled.

Once inside the church the GEDA 300 Z/ZP again

proved itself to be a true space miracle thanks to its

space-saving flat cable system, both in the assembly of

the scaffolding and in the subsequent work of the painters

and stucco plasterers.

The two separate controls mean that the transport

platform can either be used as a construction hoist or a

transport platform for 300 kg or for three people.

With a lifting speed of 12 m/min, it transports peo-

ple and materials up to heights of 50 metres quickly and


In Sospel the assembly height was 25 metres.

Two Standard GEDA landing level safety gates have

been installed to ensure a safe passage from the platform

to the two unloading points.

The GEDA 300 Z/ZP device is naturally equipped with

the usual safety equipment such as limit switches, speed-

dependent arresters, safety stop and overload protection.

An extra safety feature is the trailing cable protection

included as standard.

As the transport platform also transports people, na-

tional safety regulations stipulated that it had also to be

equipped with a protection grid underneath the hoist car.

The optionally available LED display diagnostic system

removes the need for expensive and often time consum-

ing trouble-shooting.

The Cathedral is now gleaming in its new splendour.

Geda Transport Platforms

Access was very restricted inside the cathedral so

compact solutions were necessary.

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 4

Haulotte Deliver Platforms to Germany

Recently, the handover of the four Haulotte HA41RTJ Pro

aerial platforms to Gardemann recently took place in

Alpen, Germany,

Gardemann is expanding its fleet with four large ar-

ticulating booms and is, therefore, in a position to offer

its customers even greater prospects.

With 3,500 work platforms, almost 400 employees

and 30 depots, it is one of Germany’s top three rental

service providers.

Haulotte is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of

aerial work platforms, with impressive performance data

and a global service network.

The company had already studied Haulotte before

placing the order . The new Managing Director, Diet-

mar Müller, wanted to know to what extent the service

awareness ideas of the manufacturer agreed with those

of Gardemann.

It was the excellent service that Haulotte offered that

tipped the scales in its favour, as the criterion “service”

is one of special importance to large machines — speed

and high availability are extremely important in this mar-

ket sector.

When asked why Gardemann described Haulotte as

the number-one choice in the field of large equipment,

Mr Müller said:

“The HA41RTJ Pro, that will be used at

Gardemann, under the name GG 415 DA, has an

excellent performance history in lateral scope

and outreach at full working height.

"These are highly reliable machines with

modern technology and are easily operated. In

addition, all units are equipped as standard with

an Activ’ Shield Bar (Secondary Guarding De-


Naturally, safety is a central issue that is of primary

importance to both companies.

Freshly painted in Gardemann Blue, the four

HA41RTJ Pro stood in the Gardemann equipment depot

in Alpen with the two teams ready for the upcoming