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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 4

An interesting application in the Cifa concrete

product range is the casting the ballasts of the

gate housing caissons of Venice's Mose project - a

project that is a vast intervention plan to protect

Venice and its lagoon.


mplemented by the Italian State (Ministry of

Infrastructure and Transport, Provveditorato

Interregionale per le Oper Pubbliche del

Triveneto) through the Venezia Nuova Consortium,

the Venice project involves many national and local

construction and engineering companies.

A vast programme of activities to protect the city against

flooding and high tides and rebalance the ecosystem of

the lagoon. The mobile flood barriers at the lagoon in-

lets represent the latest and most important piece of this

great work of coastal and environmental protection.

The system consists of 4 mobile barriers at the inlets

that connect the lagoon with the Adriatic sea. These bar-

riers will operate

by blocking high

tides, which could cause floods. They will remain invisible

on the seabed the rest of the time.

There will be 2 rows of mobile

gates at the Lido inlet, 1 at the

Malamocco inlet, and 1 at the Chi-

oggia inlet - a total of 78 gates.

The Lido inlet measures 800 m

and is twice the size of the other

two. Moreover, it has two channels

with varying depth (Lido Treporti

north and Lido San Nicolò south).

This is why it required two rows of

mobile gates connected by an artifi-

cial island located at the confluence

of the two channels.

The Malamocco and Lido San

Nicolò inlets are managed by Grandi

Lavori Fincosit and Federico Zanett

is in charge of the transport and

Concrete Helping To

Protect Venice Heritage

Photo & Dia-

gram: Magis-

trato alle Acque

di Venezia - Con-

sorzio Venezia

Nuova -