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skyscraper of 314 meters and 77 floors, is

already the tallest building in Thailand, and

from 2016 will feature a hotel, a shopping and

luxury apartments to be called 'The Ritz-Carl-

ton Residences, Bangkok'.

When completed, the tower MahaNakhon will sur-

prise people with its exceptional and spectacular 'pixilat-

ed' facade.

The MahaNakhon project, developed by the leading

developer of luxury Thailand, PACE Development Corpora-

tion Plc., Is being built by Bouygues-Thai, with the aid of

two Linden Comansa cranes.

At the base of the building is a LCL310 24 t luffing jib

crane model. With maximum load of 24 tons and standing

height of 40.4 meters, the first job was building the CUBE

MahaNakhon a luxury mall located in the same ground as

the MahaNakhon tower.

Since then, the work is fundamentally handling all sup-

plies coming to site, sorting and raiseing them up to the

top floors of the tower.

With its 60 meter luffing jib, its short counter-jib, and

its large capacity, the LCL310 works quickly and efficiently

in the work preparing the materials that have to be el-

evated to the top of the building.

On the roof of the tower MahaNakhon a Linden

Comansa 21LC290 18 t flat-top crane with 40 meter boom

and a maximum load of 18 tons is placed. Initially, the

crane was mounted on foot foundations allowing a free-

standing height of 60.7 meters.

As the tower was gaining in height, the 21LC290 was

also rising thanks to the internal climbing system, which is

tied to the building structure.

The SMART service team, together with Bouygues-

Thai, supervised the climbing crane 21LC290 making the

first moves of climbing together. It was climbed in stages

to reach the final height of 340 meters, climbing 4 stories

each time.

In order to work with maximum efficiency, 21LC290

was equipped with the optional engine that delivered

110 kW lift, which reaches speeds of up to 228 meters per


Also, this engine has a high capacity hoist rope drum

(1,280 meters of cable) manufactured by Lebus, so that

the crane can work double forwarding and maximum ca-

pacity of 18 tons permanently.

The cranes were delivered with the Bouygues-Thai,

corporate colour orange and worked 16 hours a day, from

6 am to 10 pm under the rules of the Bangkok Metropoli-

tan Administration (BMA), to meet the demanding project


Linden Comansa

A 340 meters above the MahaNakhon tower, a

tower crane Linden Comansa 21LC290 18t domi-

nates the sky of Bangkok

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Linden Comansa building the tallest

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