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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 4

Integrated Design For Cat

340F and 352F Long Reach


The new Cat 340F Long Reach and 352F

Long Reach Excavators are specifically

designed for applications that require

exceptionally deep digging or exca-

vating at extended distances, such as

working in sand and gravel pits, shaping

long slopes, and cleaning settling ponds.

The new models are equally capable

of digging and lifting applications, with

large buckets and heavy-duty high/wide

undercarriages that provide added stabil-

ity over the side.

These special-application machines

are designed by Caterpillar engineers and

manufactured in the company's factories,

resulting in an integrated design for op-

timum reliability, performance, and ser-


The 340F Long Reach excavator will be

available in third quarter 2015 while the

352F Long Reach excavator will be avail-

able in the first quarter of 2016.

The 340F Long Reach features a Cat C9.3 ACERT engine

and the 352F Long Reach Excavator features a C13 ACERT

engine, both meeting EU Stage IV emission standards.

The excavators also incorporate a special heavy-duty

upper frame, swing bearing and carbody—the massive

structure that joins the swinging upper frame to the track


These heavy-duty members combine with added

counterweight to provide maximum-reach dimensions at

ground level of 18,080 mm for the 340F and 19,640 mm

for the 352F. Maximum digging depths are 13,050 mm

and 13,040 mm, respectively.

Hydraulic capability

Implement hydraulic systems for the 340F Long Reach and

352F Long Reach Excavators have ample hydraulic flow at

high pressures.

This meets the special demands placed on these ma-

chines, delivering power and maximum control for a

range of excavating buckets and hydraulic work


For overall system efficiency, major

hydraulic components are located

in close proximity - allowing

shorter connecting tubes

and hoses to reduce

frictional losses

and pressure


The result is reduced

loading on the system for

added fuel savings.

The main control valve is

designed to respond propor-

tionally to control-lever

movement for precise

controllability of hy-

draulic functions.

Operator’s station

Cabs for the 340F Long Reach and 352F Long Reach Exca-

vators are spacious and comfortable, featuring

an automatic climate-control system that main-

tains consistent temperatures.

Low-effort joystick controllers are mounted in

height-adjustable consoles that complement

adjustable armrests and a fully adjustable, high-

back seat.

The cab’s large glass areas enhance visibility,

and special sealing and insulation help keep the

operator's environment clean and quiet.

The large, high-resolution, LCD monitor is

designed for easy navigation and provides criti-

cal operating information.


340F Long Reach & 352F Long Reach Specifications




Cat ACERT C9.3 Cat ACERT C13

Power, net kW



Max. operating weight, kg

43 600

59 400

Max. digging depth, mm

13 050

13 040

Max. reach, ground level, mm

18 080

19 640

Hydraulic flow, L/min



Hydraulic pressure, kPa

35 000

35 000

Lift mode

38 000

38 000

Swing speed, rpm



Drawbar pull, kN



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