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Cat 336D2 GC Designed To

Deliver Optimum Value

Configured to meet the customer needs in Africa, the

Middle East and CIS, the new Cat 336D2 GC hydraulic

excavator, with an operating weight of 32 900 kg, is de-

signed for optimum customer value, delivering high pro-

duction in a varied range of difficult applications, while

greatly reducing fuel consumption in Eco-mode.

The 336D2 GC uses the Cat C9 ACERT engine, rated at

208 kW that has been designed to meet U.S. EPA Tier 2

and E.U. Stage II equivalent emission standards.

Operating at a main-relief pressure of 35 000 kPa and

producing optimized fluid flows from each of two large

pumps, the hydraulic system develops ample power to

handle a range of buckets and work tools. For added

efficiency and fuel savings, an electric pressure sensor

reduces pump flow during light-load conditions, and re-

generation valves in the boom and stick circuits efficiently

recycle hydraulic fluid to lessen loads on the pumps. An

optional auxiliary-hydraulic system adds versatility with its

ability to handle powered work tools.

The mainframe is reinforced in high-stress areas, such

as the boom foot, and its carbody is designed for strength

and durability. Exceptionally heavy track frames form the

undercarriage’s foundation which uses steel components

in conjunction with grease-lubricated track chains that

reduce undercarriage noise and internal wear.

The excavator can use a wide range of pin-on

or coupler-type buckets and work tools

to fit the machine for opti-

mum performance and

durability in its work-

ing environment.



designed operator

station is spacious,

quiet, and comfort-

able. It is equipped

with an




monitor, low-effort

joystick controls, automatic climate-

control, and a suspension seat that is adjustable to ac-

commodate a wide range of operators. Positive, filtered

ventilation keeps in-cab air fresh, and pressurization seals

out dust and dirt.

Large windows ensure all-around visibility and pro-

mote job site safety. Viscous rubber cab mounts dampen

both vibration and sound transmitted to the operator

station, further enhancing operator comfort and produc-


An electric priming pump eliminates the need to fill

fuel filters before installation, and Scheduled Oil Sampling

ports are easily accessible and allow collecting samples

from circulating systems.

Caterpillar EAME

New Models Extend

Rammer Range

Rammer has added four new models to its range of break-


The new models consist of the Rammer 155, the

smallest hammer in the range; the 1322, the largest mod-

el in the company’s 'Small' range; and the 1655 and 2166

models that form part of the Rammer 'Medium' range.

Updating the Smallest

Suitable for carriers in the 0.8 to 1.8 ton class, the 90 kg

Rammer 155 completes the “double-five” family and

utilizes the proven power cell design with PRS (Pressure

Release System).

Tools are the same as for the Rammer 111. The unit is

offered with a sealed side-plate housing construction that

allows mounting using bolted mounting bracket, or direct

Pin-On mounting to linkage.

Enhancing the Small Range

With the smallest model in the range enhanced, Ram-

mer’s design team turned its attention to the largest

model in the Rammer Small Range - the Rammer 1322.

This new model is based on a well-accepted power

cell design and housing construction. The operating

weight for this model is 850 kg, making it suitable for car-

riers in the 9 to 15 tons range.

A fully sealed flat-top housing encapsulates the field-

proven Rammer S29 power cell with CBE operating princi-

ple that allows a wide oil flow range and easy installation.

Extending the Medium Range

Rammer has also extended its Medium range with the ad-

dition of the new Rammer 1655 and 2166 models.

Like the popular Rammer 2577, these two new mod-

els feature a heavy duty housing, Ramvalve, Ramdata II,

VIDAT tie rods and an in-hammer pressure control valve.

The smaller Rammer 1655 has a working weight of

1,080 kg and is suitable for carriers in the 12 to 21 ton

class, while the 1,400 kg Rammer 2166 is suitable for car-

riers ranging from 16 to 27 tons.


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