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Hitachi Construction Machinery – Americas has launched two rigid-frame

haul truck designed for use in large-scale mining operations – the EH3500AC-3

(nominal payload with standard equipment of 200 tons and the EH4000AC-3

(nominal payload with standard equipment of 243.6 tons.

The two rigid-frame haul truck models are equipped

with an advanced AC-drive system that was developed

with Hitachi Group technologies employed in conven-

tional models.

Improvements include various sensors that provide

information on drive conditions. The result is the Hitachi

Drive Control System that reduces tire slippage on ac-

celeration and tire lock-up during braking, and prevents

chassis oscillation in a front-rear direction and tire skid

while steering.

In addition, to satisfy the request of customers world-

wide, Hitachi is giving customers outside of North Amer-

ica a choice between engines from two different compa-

nies. This option is also available for the EH5000AC-3 rigid

haul truck, which was launched in February 2013.

The release of these two rigid-frame haul truck mod-

• Standard body: 18 ft. 10 in. (5740 mm)

• Struck (SAE): 105.2 cu. yd (80.4 m



• Heaped 2:1 (SAE): 153 cu. yd. (117 m



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