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processing technology – jointly developed by Nissan Mo-

tor Co., Ltd and Clarion Co., Ltd. – for use in its rigid dump

trucks and ultra-large mining excavators.

The multi-camera Around View Monitor (AVM) and

Moving Object Detection (MOD) technology offer excel-

lent visibility and alert operators to movement on job


The AVM offers an overhead view of the machine’s

surroundings in real time by composing images from four

exterior cameras. The monitor installed in the instrument

panel displays the position of the machine and lines to

assist parking. Based on the AVM technology, which is

already installed in Nissan cars, HCM has developed an

overhead-view monitor with Clarion for use in its dump

trucks and mining excavators.

The MOD technology analyses images of moving ob-

jects from the four AVM cameras. It enhances safety by

alerting the driver to any changes in the machine’s sur-

roundings. Using the MOD significantly improves the

operator’s vision of other trucks and machinery in the


Safety on the job site is a top priority for customers

and a key development theme for HCM. The

company incorporates advanced technolo-

gies from other Hitachi Group companies

and other industries – particularly the

automotive sector – in its own technologies

to create products with enhanced safety


HCM will make further endeavours to

provide products that contribute to safety

by developing the overhead-view monitor

equipped with MOD, by exploiting ben-

efits of the licensed technology.

Hitachi America

Parallel Link

Undercarriage System

(Plus) For The Crawler


Komatsu America Corp has introduced the

PLUS (Par-

allel Link Undercarriage System)

rotating bushing un-

dercarriage option to the D85EX/PX-18 and D155AX-8

crawler dozers.

Chuck Murawski, product manager, Komatsu

America said:

“PLUS undercarriage cuts maintenance costs,

extends wear life and excels in high-impact,

rocky ground conditions and on low-impact,

sandy jobsites.

“This technology is quickly becom-

ing standard equipment on several Komatsu

dozer models."

Each of the three different shoe widths available

– 24”/610mm, 26”/660mm and 28”/710mm PLUS ES

shoes - are made with extreme service shoes for maxi-

mum wear life and durability.

The PLUS system is designed to provide up to twice

the life of a conventional undercarriage, lowering

repair and maintenance costs by up to 40 percent in

certain applications. It also eliminates the downtime

of pin and bushing turns.

Komatsu America

BSP’s new hammer

bridges gap

Hydraulic piling equipment manufacturer BSP Interna-

tional Foundations Ltd has announced the launch of a

new impact piling hammer to close a gap in its exist-

ing range.

According to BSP, the 11 ton CXL140 model will

bridge the gap between the CX110 and the heavy duty

CG180 range of hydraulic hammers. The new hammer

is fitted with an 11 t drop weight that delivers a power

output of 140K Nm but retains the slim profile of the

CX hydraulic hammer range.

BSP has said that the CXL140 can be fitted with

back-guides for European-style leads, side guides for

810 mm U-Leads, legs and inserts or a tube guide for

crane suspended duties.

It can be powered from a BSP hydraulic power

pack or suitable leader rig and is capable of driving a

wide range of piles

BSP International Foundations

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