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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 5


ERS Track For

New Bridge In


Track installation on a new bridge in

the Finnish capital took place in mid-Ju-

ly 2015 and is the first project for HKL

(Helsinki City Transport) in which ERS

(Embedded Rail System) was used. ERS

is primarily used for maximum stray cur-

rent protection and low building height.

It was applied by


who suc-

cessfully installed 208 meters of ERS-

track on the new Pasila bridge.

The ERS installation was done as a

turnkey-job in close cooperation with HKL.

The new bridge is built right next to the existing Pasila

bridge. The two bridges, which will be connected, create

a new double tram track in the middle to provide more

space either side for the (separated) road traffic.

HKL chose for ERS, because it is virtually a maintenance

free system, and thus providing maximum availability of

the track and saving in maintenance.

HKL has planned the renewal of the old part of the

bridge in 2016. And also for the new track on this part of

the bridge ERS is their

preferred solution.

Edilon) (Sedra

Dominican Republic

Piling For A Large Power Station

The Dominican Republic frequently experiences massive

blackouts. Often the entire island nation, which has an area

of approximately 49,000 square kilometres, is affected.

A new coal-fired power station, currently being built

about 40 km from the capital city of Santo Domingo, should

solve the country’s power problems.

In September 2014, the consortium Odebrecht-





Dominicana S.R.L. – a subsidiary of German BAUER

Spezialtiefbau GmbH – the contract to construct the foun-

dations for this power station.

The work executed by Bauer include soil

compaction with around 210,000 m of con-

crete columns, 50,000 m of polymer-sup-

ported bored piles with diameters of up to

one meter and construction of 6,500 m²

of diaphragm wall, 1.2 m wide and up to a

depth of 30 meters.

Two Bauer BG 28 large-diameter rotary

drilling rigs and three vibration units are in

use, in addition to auxiliary cranes and small

drilling rigs.

The coal-fired power station, with a ca-

pacity of 750 megawatts, is scheduled to be

connected to the power network in 2017.

Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH