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” Today’s excavators and their attachments are

so effective that such a demolition project can be

completed in next to no time.

“This was a construction job where coming

back to finish the task the next day was not an


Tasks were completed in quick succession on the con-

struction site. As soon as roads were blocked off, workers

disassembled the crash barriers and central reservations

and then lay down non-woven fabric and gravel to protect

the road surface.

Next, the bridge railings were removed fol-

lowed by the solid concrete sections and the

entire superstructure.

Even if the technical procedure for bridge

demolition is broadly similar every time, Mr

Schmid affirms that each project has its own

special character.

“Each bridge is a unique piece.”

This particular overpass spanning the A 8

did not feature a central support. As a result,

excavators could not operate from above, the

usual approach, but only from below. It was,

therefore, all the more important that attach-

ments could be applied exactly where they

were needed using precisely the right amount

of force.

It was not only the grippers and breakers

which helped to dismantle the bridge success-

fully; a HM 2000 Hydro Magnet also gave an

impressive performance.

As a rigid magnet for carrier vehicles be-

tween 14 and 45 tons, it is eminently suitable

for separating scrap metal from other dem-

olition waste. It ensures greater profit thanks

to optimum use of scrap steel and also pro-

vides fast, highly effective sorting and efficient


What’s more, cleared construction sites

mean significantly less damage is sustained by machines

and equipment.

Now the bridge removal is complete, the Deutsche

Bahn project company is now starting to build a new over-

pass structure across the A 8 with an overall length of

around 87 metres and a height of up to 6.4 metres. Costing

around 600,000 euros, the replacement structure should

be finished by January 2017.

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Contractors World International Vol 6 No 5

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