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The big pipes under Christchurch

With recovery repairs now over 60% complete, CWI looks at some of

Christchurch’s biggest underground wastewater pipes are currently being

repaired and in some areas require full replacements.


he Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild

Team (SCIRT) is now working on the city’s two big-

gest pipes, the Northern Relief and the Southern

Relief, which service more than 200,000 households and

businesses in Christchurch.

These pipes account for more than half of Christchurch

population’s wastewater needs.

The Wairakei Diversion

The Wairakei Diversion has been repaired as part of the

major upgrade to the city’s wastewater network. Extensive




Merivale during 2014 and the

project was completed at the end

of last year.

To replace the wastewater

main, SCIRT contractor partners

needed to dig a trench. In some

parts of the project, groundwater

levels were so high that innova-

tive ways had to be used to drain

the trench to ensure crew safe-

ty and allow the teams to work


Most work on the Northern

Relief and Southern Relief

could not have begun until the

Wairakei Diversion was finished.

The large volume of wastewater

New Zealand



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