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First for Crane


A 300 t Liebherr crawler crane is now strengthening the

fleet of the US crane rental company Crane Service Inc.

The company’s first Liebherr LR 1300 SX equipped

with carbon fibre components will be mainly used for

lifting jobs in the wind industry.

It is the first time that the Southwest company Crane

Service Inc. with more than 55 years of experience in

rigging and heavy hoisting has opted for a crawler crane

of Liebherr.

Mr. Bob Warianka, Business Development Manager

of Crane Service Inc., explains some of the reasons for

purchasing the Liebherr crane:

“The LR 1300 SX is a highly versatile crawler crane.

Furthermore, it offers a better capacity compared

to other crawler cranes in the same tonnage class.”

The LR 1300 SX is additionally equipped with pen-

dant links made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic

(CFRP). Besides being basically

maintenance-free another benefit

of these carbon fibre pendant links

are the increased load charts, asMr.

Bob Strohacker, Branch Manager of

Crane Service Inc. in Sweetwater,

Texas, emphasizes:

“A key reason for purchasing

the LR 1300 SX was the

opportunity to upgrade the

crane with CFRP pendant

links. They further increase the

lifting capacity of the crane,

thus providing an even better

lifting solution especially for

operating in wind parks.”

In the specific combination with carbon fibre pendants

the crane is able to self-erect 86 m of main boom and a 7 m

heavy duty wind jib. In this configuration the LR 1300 SX is

able to lift a maximum of 75 t at a radius of 15 m.

The première jobsite of the LR 1300 SX is

in a wind park in Nolan, Texas. The crane is

used for hoisting and then again for install-

ing the rotor of five 80 m tall wind turbines

for maintenance works.

Each of the rotors has a weight of ap-

proximately 69 t. The rotors have to be removed in or-

der to replace the gearboxes and main shafts in the wind


The LR 1300 SX is powered by a 390 kW (523 hp)

Liebherr diesel engine. Another distinguishing feature of

this model of the LR series is its enormous

number of boom and jib configurations and

thus potential applications. The combined

length of main boom and luffing jib can be

as much as 169 m, comprising of 56 m of

main boom and 113 m of luffing jib.

Crane Service Inc

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH

The management of Crane Service Inc.

(from left to right: Robert Matz, Ken Ogle,

Scott Wilson)

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