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Elaborate engineering services for

an imposing dam

The Foz Tua Dam and the associated pumped-storage

power station under construction in northern Portugal will

reach a height of 108 m, while the dam crest measures 275

m long.

From a formwork perspective, the particular challenge

is caused through the complex design of the double curva-

ture reinforced concrete structure with the 5 m wide dam

crest and its integrated overflow mechanism.

The hydraulic circuit covers over 700 m along the right-

hand bank of the river and includes 2 independent tunnels,

as well as the subterranean power station with 2 reversible


Peri devised and supplied an optimised and safe form-

work and scaffolding solution for works. The main contrac-

tor is Barragem de Foz Tua, ACE.

Material And Support From One


With a complex project of this size, the issue is to coordi-

nate the diverse requirements of the build especially with

a tight schedule and high material requirements.

In addition to planning the formwork and scaffold-

ing solution for complex geometries and high loads, one

of the biggest challenges is strict compliance with the

construction phase and cost plan for the gigantic dam


To support the build Peri deploys a Project Manager

to the construction site, who acts as liaison between

the Technical Office and the construction team.

All processes relating to planning, logistics and

formwork assembly are scheduled in detail by the

Project Manager and coordinated in depth with the actual

construction sequence.

The Formwork And Scaffolding


Peri’s engineers devised a solution of the SCS Climbing

System and the VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork for the double

curvature dam.

This combination is the ideal solution for the massive

dam, as it facilitates both the single-face load transfer and

the high finish requirements.

SCS enables single-face concreting by transferring the

loads from the fresh concrete pressure without formwork

anchors through the bracket into the climbing anchor of

the previous concreting step.

Because of the modular concept with multi-piece

brackets, the SCS Climbing System can easily be adapted to

the structural geometry.

Large climbing units are possible due to the special load