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Falkland Islands

UK Formwork for New Building



The UK company, Fast Form Systems

Ltd, was approached by W F Senate

who hold the contract to provide the

British MOD with formwork for the

Falklands contract.

The contract involves the cast-

ing of substantial R.C ground beams,

slabs, walkways and stairs to new ac-

commodation blocks.

This involved a comprehensive

tender process involving a demon-

stration of the system, designs and

calculations and a trial of the system on 2 UK Minitry of

Defence sites which also involved training of soldiers to use

the system.

Fast Form made a bespoke modified system especially

for the job, with turnaround, from concept and design to

manufactured system delivered ready for shipping, in un-

der 4 weeks.

Fast Form was chosen because of it ease of use, the

system is much faster and easier to use than other modular


Being lightweight, means it is faster to erect and eas-

ier to handle and also, as the product was being shipped

to the Falklands, it resulted in two 40’ containers less of

equipment to perform the same job meaning a reduction

in shipping costs.

The Fast Form system also doubles up as a ‘Road Form’

meaning that an additional order for ‘Road Forms’ for walk-

way slabs was no longer a requirement.

The system was the most economical solution and was

designed specifically for the contract specifications.

Captain D Smith Royal Engineers of The Ministry of

Defence said:

“Fast Form has provided a formwork system to the

MOD via our partner W F Senate. This system is being sup-

plied for Project ANEMOI, a construction project delivered

by the Corps of Royal Engineers for the construction of new

accommodation blocks on three remote hilltop sites in the

Falkland Islands.

“After an exhaustive tender process which included a

trial of the system against a well-known product, Fast Form

was chosen in preference to other well-known formwork

suppliers for its ease of use, cost and time savings, and its

excellent customer service. “

Fast-FormSystems had to do two evaluations to demon-

strate that their systems met the Ministry of Defence

specifications for formwork elements for Port Stanley,

Falkland Islands.

Fast Form Systems

Fast Form had to demonstrate their system to show

that it met MOD specifications.

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