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process of removing concrete without damage to

the rebar could be controlled to a very fine limit.”

Both orders have provided hydrodemolition technolo-

gy with a huge boost in Singapore, enhancing the image of

its efficiency.

The use of hydrodemolition is expected to increase in

Singapore in future, following government policy to im-

prove productivity and therefore reduce reliance upon for-

eign labour.

Aquajet AB

New Zealand

Manitou Assists in the

Christchurch Rebuild

Calder Stewart and Grayson Engineering used their new

Manitou 280 TJ Access Platforms, supplied and supported

by A B Equipment, to assist in the Christchurch rebuild.

Both owner operators are impressed with the ma-

chines’ manoeuvrability, stability and accessibility and will

certainly put these machines to test during the rebuild


Manitou 280 TJ has a working height of 28 m and a

maximum outreach of 21.45 m and can hold 2-3 persons

in a large basket measuring 2.30 m x 0.90 m.

This model is very user-friendly with smooth hydrau-

lic functions and offer some unique features over their

competitors to reduce work cycle times. The machines

are suitable on construction sites, as well as a variety of

industrial applications where access is a requirement.

A B Equipment



LiuGong Delivers Second Crane to the South Pole

A ship carrying a LiuGong TC250-4 Crane set sail for the

South Pole from Shanghai on November 7th, 2015 to assist

in the operations of a Chinese research facility.

This is the second LiuGong crane to be sent to the South

Pole and is due to land at Zhongshan station in Antarctica

after 2 months, where the first LiuGong TC250-4 crane has

been in operation for approximately one year.

Continuing on from the success of its predecessor, the

crane will primarily be responsible

for loading and unloading cargo,

truck hoisting and house repair work

at the Chinese research station. This

second TC250-4was specified after it

was proven that LiuGong’s extreme-

ly tough equipment can work relia-

bly and continuously in the extreme,

sub-zero Antarctic environment.

The commissioning of these

cranes is a direct result of a strategic

cooperation agreement between

LiuGong and the Polar research

center of China that was signed in



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