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Access Platform On

Challenging Industrial


Recently in Austria, Strasswalchen-based lift and access

rental providers Rachbauer GmbH & Co KG provided

Inocom Construction with a Genie ZX-135/70 articulating

boom lift for a high precision task at a cement, plaster and

mortar plant near Salzburg.

Operated in conjunction with a 220-t crane on a site

in full activity, the machine proved instrumental in com-

pleting the installation of a giant steel framework cover-

ing a 43 m high drying tower facility within a tight three

and a half week deadline. The construction of the frame

was part of a process aiming to preserve the facility from

the elements, prior to an overlay of protective cladding.

The choice of the Genie ZX-135/70 boom lift came

following an on-site visit and an accurate job plan es-

tablished with the help of the latest planning software.

The ZX-135/70 boom lift met the 43 m maximum

working height that the job required, a maximum hori-

zontal outreach of 18,03 m, a fast 96-s lift speed to full

working height and a platform load capacity of 272 kg.

There were also several other features that made he

right solution to rise to the challenge.

As the crane hoisted each huge element of the frame

separately to the required height, equipped with electric

power drills, the two-man team progressed rapidly. The

entire job was completed without a hitch a

couple of days ahead of schedule.

Genie Access


Excavation Efficiency:

Scraper Vs. Excavator - Video

A demo was held with Strongco in Grande Prairie

when K-Tec Earthmovers were tasked with strip-

ping topsoil with a mile (1.6 km) round trip.

Asdemonstrated inthisapplication, theK-Tec earthmov-

ing solution efficiently out performed the work of 3 differ-

ent machines (excavators, ADTs and dozers) with just one

operator and a single power-unit.

This massive advantage provides

fuel savings for the contractor, result-

ing in an environmentally-friendly and

profitable earthmoving operation.

K-Tec accomplished about 75% of

the work that 2 excavators, 3 dozers

and 5 rock trucks did in the same time


K-Tec Earthmovers Inc

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