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An International VDI Conference -

Connected Off-Highway Machines - May 10-11, 2016


n recent years, technology has changed the way

every construction site works - large or small. The

biggest impact is in off-highway projects where

autonomous vehicles have been demonstrated to deliver

a safer working environment.

The rapid advances in GPS, laser and wireless tech-

nology has resulted in a vast array of equipment that

simplify the task of the operator.

How technology has impacted on off-highway ma-

chines is the topic of a conference being organized by

the German organisation, VDI.

Save Thousands of Dollars

Each Year

Ask yourself "Am I getting the best return from technol-

ogy aboard the off-highway machines I manage?"

Using technology correctly can save companies

thousands of dollars each year. However, it has to be

used right. Operators need to know how to optimise

settings and fleet and service managers need to know

how to collect, and analyse the live data streams


Technology has raced ahead in the past year alone

and now there is a new technology coming to the work

site - drones.

Connected Off-Highway Machines

To enable companies to optimize their use of technology

the German institute, The Association of Engineers (VDI)

is putting on a two day conference.

The conference is an ideal opportunity to hear from

all the major equipment manufacturers, Caterpillar,

Komatsu, CNH, etc - and to meet with their represent-

atives to discuss technology.

Keep Connected

With Off-Highway


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