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Innovative Crane Camera

System Adds


Contractors around the world are

frequently faced with the situation

where a crane has to position a

load out of site to the operator. In

such instances, the crane operator

works with a banksman who has a

clear visual of the load.

However, there are situations

where even the banksman may not have a clear view, so an alternative

solution is necessary.


he UK company, Blokcam Ltd, designs and man-

ufactures innovative solutions to aid both the

crane operator and the banksman.

BlokCam is a wireless system that can be quickly and

easily deployed to the hook block of any type of crane.

The sound and view from below the hook block is then

transmitted and received wirelessly via the antenna

systems to a high definition 10" screen in the cab and,

if necessary, a screen being viewed by the banksman.

This allows the operator to see and hear the load

and surroundings, giving an unobstructed, live, au-

dio-visual feed of the critical areas that working in the

blind would never allow.

BlokCam offers three models, the entry-level system

in addition to Plus and Pro, enhanced versions.

The new top of the range Pro, with a weight of ap-

proximately 12 kg (26 lbs) is compatible with all types

of cranes and other lifting devices.

A World First

BlokCam Ltd has installed a wireless BlokCam Pro camera

system to a Liebherr mobile telescopic crane working

on a major infrastructure project in London. This is a

world first for use of BlokCam on a mobile, telescopic


Brendan Seymour, delivery manager at the Balfour

Beatty, Morgan Sindall and VINCI Construction (BBMV)

joint venture, highlighted the camera’s versatility and

ability to give the crane operator visibility when lifting

in the blind.

Brendan Seymour, who has overseen use of construc-

tion equipment and implemented safety programmes

on a variety of projects, said:

“We had previously used another camera on a

luffing jib crane but that system had limitations.

The BlokCam Pro is tailor-made for telescopic

booms and is designed for fast, wireless and

telescopic deployment with built-in lanyard


"If we need a 300 t telescopic boom crane,

for example, we can efficiently transfer the cam-

era system accordingly and it will complement

the existing controls and operation of the crane,

such is its versatility.”

The wireless BlokCam Pro camera system also boasts

audio and recording functions. Seymour said:

“BBMV sites have a positive, proactive safety

culture. The recording system on the camera

aligns with that as we can use it for training

purposes and educating teams who work with

the cranes and elsewhere on site. We have used

The 12 kg BlokCam Pro attached to the hook

on a Liebherr mobile telescopic crane with

safety lanyard for added security.

Contractors World International

Contractors World International Vol 7 No 1